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Gigamon 10GigaTAP-4SR, TAP-232, 132-0020-400 850nm, multimode, tap blade w/ 8x internal SFP-532 10Gb..
Quantity Available: 3
Ciena 166-0062-900, WOGUAF5FAA, OAF-BC-HP High-Power Fixed Gain Amplifier with combiner, CN4200 ..
Quantity Available: 2
Ciena 166-0203-909, WOCUAGAKAA, CN2110-T0-90L ISS1 CN 2110-T0-90L LOW LOSS DCM MODULE TYPE 0 FOR 90K..
Quantity Available: 1
Alcatel-Lucent 3HE04821AB, IPUIBTBDAA, FTLC1181RDNL-A6 CFP - 100GE LR4 10KM LC ROHS6/6 0/70C List P..
Out Of Stock
AcmePacket 7301750, 7109311 Network interface unit with four 1000 Mb/sec ethernet fiber or copper po..
Out Of Stock
Ciena B-720-0020-028, WMOAALGEAA, CN-100-B4L Mux/Demux Intergrated 4 Channel 100 GHz DWDM Module ..
Quantity Available: 2
Ciena B-720-0020-029, WMOAALHEAA, CN-100-B4H Mux/Demux Integrated 4 Channel 100 GHz DWDM Module L..
Quantity Available: 2
Ciena B-720-0020-034, WMOAALNEAA, CN-BS2-AB Two-Band 100 GHz Bandsplitter Mux/Demux Module List P..
Quantity Available: 1
Ciena B-720-0024-001, WMUCATPEAA, CN-OPS-1 CN4200 OPT PROTN SWG, 1X2 RX SWITCH, 1X2 TX SPLIT, 1310NM..
Quantity Available: 6
CIENA B-720-0024-002 CN4200 2-1X2 RX SW,2-1X2 TX SPLIT, 1310nm C/DWDM, 1/2W CIENA B-720-0024-002- CI..
Quantity Available: 1
Motorola Cherrypicker 1000 Application Platform CAP-1010 1 x Motorola Cherrypicker 1000 Application ..
Out Of Stock
Juniper CB-TXP-S, IPUCAV4CTB, 750-022607, 710-022606 Control Board for TX Matrix Plus, Base Bundle. ..
Quantity Available: 2
Cisco cBR-CCAP-LC-40G, CARFAADBAB, 800-38658-04 DOCSIS and MPEG line card (base) for cBR. List Price..
Quantity Available: 1
Juniper CHAS-BP-TXP-S, IPMN300BRA TX Matrix Plus Chassis with Installed Backplane. Commercial Lis..
Quantity Available: 3
Juniper CIP-TXP-S, IPU3ANXHTB, 750-024787, 710-023792 Craft Interface Panel for TX Matrix Plus. ..
Quantity Available: 6
Cisco D9824-MDR-1RU D9824 Advanced Multi decryption Receiver MRD Pool List price: $6685 ..
Out Of Stock
Arista DCS-7150S-24-F 7150, 24x1/10G SFP+ switch, front-to-rear airflow, 2x AC PSU. 7150 Switch 2..
Out Of Stock
Cisco DS-C9396S-48EK9, CMMSH00ARA MDS 9396S 16G FC switch, w/ 48 active ports (port-side exhaust) w/..
Out Of Stock
We will try to beat any price- Free ship, 1 year warranty! CISCO DS-X9448-768K9, CMUIAHUCAA 48PORT 1..
Out Of Stock
Avaya EC8200A01-E6 Virtual Services 8284XSQ with 80 10G SFP+ and 4 40G QSFP+ ports, 1 800W AC PS (no..
Quantity Available: 2
Juniper FANTRAY-TXP-H-S, IPPQAJNFAA, 710-024029 Front Fan Tray for TX Matrix Plus Commercial List..
Quantity Available: 6
Juniper FANTRAY-TXP-V-S, IPPQAJMFAA, 710-024029 Rear Fan Tray for TX Matrix Plus. Commercial List..
Quantity Available: 12
Gigamon GigaLINK-SFP+, 132-0038-400, GLK-320 10Gb Optical SFP Module. -SFP+ (10Gb optical transcei..
Quantity Available: 3
PE-1OC12-SON-SFP 1-port OC-12/STM4- or OC-3/STM-1, rate-selectable PIC. Requires OC-12 or OC-3 SFP p..
Quantity Available: 4
Juniper PWR-TXP-7-60-DC-S, IPUPAFGKTA, 740-027463 7 x 60 Amp DC Power Entry module for TX Matrix Plu..
Quantity Available: 6
Juniper RE-DUO-C2600-16G-S, IPUCAV6CAC, 740-026942 PTX3000/PTX5000 Routing engine with dual core 260..
Quantity Available: 6
Juniper SIB-TXP-3D-F13-S, IPUCBC0CAA, 750-035002 Switch Interface Board for TX Matrix Plus with 3D T..
Quantity Available: 29
Juniper SIB-TXP-3D-F2S-S, IPUCBC1CAA, 750-034978 Switch Interface Board for TX Matrix Plus with 3D T..
Quantity Available: 20
1 x Juniper SRX-GP-16GE - Ethernet Switch 16-port 10/100/1000BASE-T XPIM. Two slots high (double hig..
Out Of Stock
1 x Juniper SRX5800BASE-AC - AC SRX5800 chassis, includes SRX5K-RE-13-20 RE, 2xSCB, 2 DC power sup..
Quantity Available: 1
Juniper T1600-FPC4-ES T1600 FPC4 with two PFE's and Two Type 4 PIC slots 100G capable.HECI: IPUCAMB..
Quantity Available: 81
Cisco UCSC-F-FIO-5200MP, 16-100483-01, M005458-114_3 SDFACCMOP-5T20-SF1, PX600-5200 UCS 5200GB Fusi..
Quantity Available: 10