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Brand: Cisco
Product Code: WS-C3560X-48PF-L
Availability: 1
Price: $995.00
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NOB WS-C3560X-48PF-L Cisco Catalyst 3560X-48PF-L Switch Layer 2 - 48 x 10/100/1000 Ethernet PoE+ Ports LAN Base - Managed WS-C3560X-48PF-L Overview Cisco Catalyst WS-C3560X-48PF-L is 48 Gigabit Ethernet POE+ ports standalone switch in LAN base feature set with no stacking option. Four optional network modules and license-base software feature provide flexibility, scalability and feature extensibility in order to reduce the cost of development of business needs. WS-C3560X-48PF-L support IEEE802.3at standard to allocate up to 30W power on each port in total 800W POE budget to power up IP phones, wireless and video; customers can specify the power setting on individual port in command line setting. LAN base feature set offers up to 255-Vlans and comprehensive layer 2 feature with static routing and SVI interface supporting. WS-C3560X-48PF-L is designed for enterprise access layer switching; however, customers can transparently upgrade the software feature to by purchasing either IP base license or IP services license to activate layer 3 capability, 1005 VLans supporting. WS-C3560X-48PF-L comes with one default power supply module, customers can purchase additional power supply insert into power supply bay 2 in order to power redundancy.
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