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DCS-7048T-A-F DCS-7048T-A-F DCS-7048T-A-F DCS-7048T-A-F DCS-7048T-A-F DCS-7048T-A-F DCS-7048T-A-F
Brand: Arista
Product Code: DCS-7048T-A-F
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Price: $995.00
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Arista DCS-7048T-A-F 7048-A, 48-port 100/1000BASE-T, 4 (1/10GbE) sfp ports, ZTP, front-to-rear air. The Arista 7048 switch offers unmatched performance for high-density data center deployments. With 48 100/1000BASE-T and four 1/10GbE SFP+ ports, the switch delivers a non-blocking design with 40 Gbps of uplink bandwidth. The 7048 switch forwards at layer 2/3/4 with low latency at wire speed. Redundant power and cooling options along with a robust software architecture provide the foundation for a data center class product. The switch comes with both front-to-back and back- to-front airflow options for energy efficiency. All SFP+ ports accommodate a full range of 10GbE twinax copper cables and optical 1/10GbE transceivers. With Arista EOS, advanced monitoring and provisioning capabilities such as Zero Touch Provisioning, VMTracer and Linux based tools can be run natively on the switch. Arista DCS-7048T-A-F 2x AC Power supply units (PWR-460AC-F) front-to-rear airflow 4x Fans front-to-rear airflow Power cord Console cable Rack mount kit Automated Provisioning Tools The 7048T-A offers advanced capabilities for automating deployment and bring up of data center racks. Zero Touch Provisioning allows switches to download configuration and image files from any connected network port allowing managers to set up remote data center switches as they would bare metal servers. Arista Network’s VMTracer is an agent that works with VMWare’s vCenter data center manager to automate VLAN configuration to vSwitches and VMs on hypervisors. As VMs are instantiated, cloned or moved on the network, The 7048T-A automatically reconfigures VLANs trunking to the server and cleans up unnecessary configurations which can jeopardize the security of stability of the data center network. High Availability The Arista 7048 switch is designed for high availability from both a software and hardware perspective. Key high availability features include: • 1+1 hot-swappable power supplies • Four N+1 hot-swappable fans • Live patching • Self healing software with Stateful Fault Repair (SFR) • Up to 16 ports per link aggregation group (LAG) • Multi-chassis LAG for active/active L2 multipathing • 16-way ECMP routing for load balancing and redundancy Product Highlights Performance • Up to 176Gbps throughput • Up to 132Mpps forwarding • 768MB packet buffer memory • As low as 3 micro-second latency Data Center Optimized Design • 1+1 redundant & hot-swappable power • N+1 redundant & hot-swappable fans • Front-to-rear or rear-to-front cooling • Typical power consumption 5W/port Resilient Control Plane • Dual-core x86 CPU • 4GB DRAM • 2GB Flash • User applications can run in a VM Advanced Provisioning & Monitoring • Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) • VMTracer • sFlow • OpenStack • Chef, Puppet, Ansible • Self-configure and recover from USB Arista Extensible Operating System • Single binary image for all products • Truly modular network OS • Fine-grained modularity • Stateful Fault Containment (SFC) • Stateful Fault Repair (SFR) • Full Access to Linux shell and tools • Extensible platform - bash, python, C++
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Tags: DCS-7048T-A-F, Arista DCS-7048T-A-F, DCS7048TAF, Arista, Arista, DCS-7048T-A-F, 7048-A, 48-port, 100/1000BASE-T, , 4, (1/10GbE), sfp, ports, , ZTP, , front-to-rear, air. The, Arista, 7048, switch, offers, unmatched, performance, for, high-density, data, center, deployments., With, 48, 100/1000BASE-T, and, four, 1/10GbE, SFP+, ports, , the, switch, delivers, a, non-blocking, design, with, 40, Gbps, of, uplink, bandwidth., The, 7048, switch, forwards, at, layer, 2/3/4, with, low, latency, at, wire, speed., Redundant, power, and, cooling, options, along, with, a, robust, software, architecture, provide, the, foundation, for, a, data, center, class, product., The, switch, comes, with, both, front-to-back, and, back-, to-front, airflow, options, for, energy, efficiency., All, SFP+, ports, accommodate, a, full, range, of, 10GbE, twinax, copper, cables, and, optical, 1/10GbE, transceivers., With, Arista, EOS, , advanced, monitoring, and, provisioning, capabilities, such, as, Zero, Touch, Provisioning, , VMTracer, and, Linux, based, tools, can, be, run, natively, on, the, switch. Arista, DCS-7048T-A-F 2x, AC, Power, supply, units, (PWR-460AC-F), front-to-rear, airflow 4x, Fans, front-to-rear, airflow Power, cord Console, cable Rack, mount, kit Automated, Provisioning, Tools The, 7048T-A, offers, advanced, capabilities, for, automating deployment, and, bring, up, of, data, center, racks., Zero, Touch Provisioning, allows, switches, to, download, configuration, and image, files, from, any, connected, network, port, allowing managers, to, set, up, remote, data, center, switches, as, they, would bare, metal, servers. Arista, Network’s, VMTracer, is, an, agent, that, works, with, VMWare’s vCenter, data, center, manager, to, automate, VLAN, configuration to, vSwitches, and, VMs, on, hypervisors., As, VMs, are, instantiated, cloned, or, moved, on, the, network, , The, 7048T-A, automatically reconfigures, VLANs, trunking, to, the, server, and, cleans, up unnecessary, configurations, which, can, jeopardize, the, security of, stability, of, the, data, center, network. High, Availability The, Arista, 7048, switch, is, designed, for, high, availability, from both, a, software, and, hardware, perspective., Key, high availability, features, include- •, 1+1, hot-swappable, power, supplies •, Four, N+1, hot-swappable, fans •, Live, patching •, Self, healing, software, with, Stateful, Fault, Repair, (SFR) •, Up, to, 16, ports, per, link, aggregation, group, (LAG) •, Multi-chassis, LAG, for, active/active, L2, multipathing •, 16-way, ECMP, routing, for, load, balancing, and, redundancy Product, Highlights Performance •, Up, to, 176Gbps, throughput •, Up, to, 132Mpps, forwarding •, 768MB, packet, buffer, memory •, As, low, as, 3, micro-second, latency Data, Center, Optimized, Design •, 1+1, redundant, &, hot-swappable, power •, N+1, redundant, &, hot-swappable, fans •, Front-to-rear, or, rear-to-front, cooling •, Typical, power, consumption, 5W/port Resilient, Control, Plane •, Dual-core, x86, CPU •, 4GB, DRAM •, 2GB, Flash •, User, applications, can, run, in, a, VM Advanced, Provisioning, &, Monitoring •, Zero, Touch, Provisioning, (ZTP) •, VMTracer •, sFlow •, OpenStack •, Chef, , Puppet, , Ansible •, Self-configure, and, recover, from, USB Arista, Extensible, Operating, System •, Single, binary, image, for, all, products •, Truly, modular, network, OS •, Fine-grained, modularity •, Stateful, Fault, Containment, (SFC) •, Stateful, Fault, Repair, (SFR) •, Full, Access, to, Linux, shell, and, tools •, Extensible, platform, -, bash, , python, , C++