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ACS6032MDAC-001 ACS6032MDAC-001 ACS6032MDAC-001 ACS6032MDAC-001 ACS6032MDAC-001 ACS6032MDAC-001
Brand: Avocent
Product Code: ACS6032MDAC-001
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Condition: Seller Refurbished
Price: $895.00
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Avocent ACS 6000 32 port RJ45, 2 port 10/100/1000 Dual AC power, modem

- 2 x RJ-45 10/100/1000Base-T Network
- 32 x RJ-45 Serial RS-232
- 1 x RJ-45 Console RS-232 Management
- 1 x 4-pin Type A USB
- 1 x RJ-45 Modem

Data Transfer Rate:
- 10 Mbps Ethernet
- 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet
- 1 Gbps Gigabit Ethernet

I/O Expansions
Expansion Slots: (2 Total) PC Card

- Telnet
- DSView 3 software
- Command line interface

Security Features:
- SSHv1 and SSHv2
- Local
- Kerberos
- RSA SecurID

Additional Information:
- Memory : 128 MB NAND Flash Embedded ICs on Motherboard
- 256 MB DDR-2 Embedded ICs on Motherboard

Secure In-Band and Out-of-Band Network- For dependable remote management

Easy Configuration and Installation- Auto-discovery tool

No Adaptors Needed- For ACS console server and Cisco pin-out conversions

Compliance with Data Center Access and Security Policies- Customizable, multiple access levels

Integrated Power Management- Support for Avocent Power Management Distribution Units (PM PDUs) and third-party power

Industry-Leading Enhanced Security Framework- Support security policies using preset and custom security profiles

Centralized Power Management- Enables monitoring and measurement of energy consumption and simplifies power and cooling capacity planning

Centralized Administration for Access and Control- Using DSView 3 management software

Compatible with Next-Generation Network Standards- Including IPv6

Strong Dial Up and Secure Dial Back- Using optional built-in modem and 16- and 32-bit PC card options

Access to Remote and Unreachable Locations- Using Ethernet/modem PC cards

Automatic Event Tracking- Plus notification of fault conditions

Regulatory Compliance and Easy Troubleshooting- Online and offline data logging with time stamps
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