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Brand: Cyclades
Product Code: ACS16-SAC
Availability: 1
Condition: NOB (Unused Surplus Open Box)
Condition: NOB (Unused Surplus Open Box)
Price: $795.00
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Cyclades ACS16-SAC, ATP0010-001 AlterPath 16 10/100 Single AC Console sever .

Operating System: Linux
Accessibility: In-band (Ethernet) and out-of-band (dial-up modem) support; PC Card slot support allows for alternative access interfaces, such as modem (V.92 and ISDN), Ethernet, fast Ethernet (fiber optic) and wireless Ethernet (GSM, CDMA and GPRS) (Click here for a list of supported PC Cards.)
Availability: Automatic Ethernet failover using Ethernet PC Card as the secondary port; Dual power supply
Security: Pre-set security profiles - secure, moderate and open
Custom security profile; X.509 SSH certificate support; SSHv1 and SSHv2; Local, RADIUS, TACACS+, LDAP, NIS, and Kerberos authentication; Two-Factor Authentication using RSA SecurID; Local backup user authentication support; One-Time Password (OTP) authentication; PAP/CHAP and Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) (for dial-up lines); Separate authentication to access ports and console server; Group authorization - TACACS+, RADIUS and LDAP; Dial back support; IP packet and security filtering; User access lists per port; System event syslog; IPSec with NAT traversal support; Secure factory defaults; Secure clustering for up to 1,024 devices
Console Management: Sun break-safe (Solaris Ready certified) ; Break-over SSH support; Windows Server 2003 EMS support; Offline data buffering - local or remote (NFS/Syslog); Level-based Syslog filters; Time stamp for data buffering; Unlimited number of simultaneous sessions; Simultaneous access on the same port (port sniffing); Secure clustering (central access to multiple console servers); Event notification (email, pager, SNMP trap); Global time zone support
Port Access: Directly by TCP port, IP address or server name; Telnet/SSH with menu ; Simultaneous Telnet and SSH access; HTTP/HTTPS; Bi-directional Telnet
System Management: Configuration wizard for first time users; Command line interface (Linux Shell); Web Management Interface (HTTP/HTTPS); SNMP
Cabling: CAT5 compatible adapters for simpler cabling (sold separately)
Upgrades: Upgrades available on FTP site, no charge; Flash upgradeable; TFTP support for network boot
Additional Protocols Supported: DHCP for dynamic IP address assignment; PPP/SLIP for dial-up; NTP for time server synchronization; RFC2217 support for remote serial port access
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