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Brand: MRV
Product Code: LX-4048T-111DC
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Price: $650.00
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MRV LX-4048T-111DC 48 Port Single DC power, modem, Secure Console Server The LX-4000T Series of console servers gives IT administrators the ability to perform secure remote management of operational and physical infrastructures. The 4000T family of console servers consolidates the currently available 4000S and 8000S series console servers into a single family of products supporting all power and compliance options on a single base platform. NEBS certified models are available to meet the requirements for carrier and utility applications. Port densities from 8 to 48 ports are supported with redundant power options as well as the inclusion of dual Ethernet ports for management connectivity and were previous available only in the 8000S family of products The 4000T family enhances the ease of installation, sparing, and maintenance by sharing the same basic operational software and hardware footprint across a number of port densities and power options. An improved hardware design locates all network and serial connectivity on the rear of the unit, including the 48 port version in a single 1 rack unit high device. LX 4000T Series Highlights • 4000S style configurations – 8, 16, 32 and 48 port models • Dual Ethernet ports • Dual AC and DC power supplies option (Single DC models targeted for future release) • Same industry leading software as the existing LX1000S, LX4000S, and LX8000S • European Union Removal of Hazardous Substances(RoHS) compliant • NEBS and other worldwide certifications
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