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Brand: Raritan
Product Code: DSXA-8
Availability: Out Of Stock
Condition: Seller Refurbished
Price: $550.00
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8 Port Dual AC with Built-In Modem
Dominion DSXA-8 is a secure console server for local and remote access to serially managed servers and other serial devices via SSH/Telnet and Web browser. Dominion DSXA-8 allows access and control of servers and other IT devices. Dominion DSXA-8 provides one point of control to manage users, serial servers and other IT devices. It is a Dual-feed AC power 8-port secure console server with single console ports and includes internal modem.

? Scalable to a large number of units when deployed in
conjunction with Raritan CommandCenter®
Secure Gateway
? Server and network management
? Remote console management of Remote Offices/
Branch Offices
? Integrated Power Management
? Appliance architecture prohibits access to Linux shell
? Up-to-date SSHv2 and SSL
• SSHv2 with AES, 3DES encryption modes
• SSL with 128-bit RC4 encryption
? User ID and flexible strong password support
? Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) attack mitigation
utilizing user supplied SSL Client Certificates
? Customizable security profiles
? Customizable security banner with option to
audit banner acceptance
? TLS 1.0 support
? Fully-featured firewall and access control lists –
with added pre- and post-routing and Static NAT
(SNAT) support
? Authentication and authorization at the port level
? Primary and secondary RADIUS, TACACS+, LDAP(S),
Kerberos v.5 or Microsoft Active Directory® servers
with failover
? Modem call-back with Linux and Windows 2000/XP
? Encrypted username/password database
? Idle timeout and target session timeout for
improved security
? Remote reboot and restore to factory default capability
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