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CCM4850 CCM4850 CCM4850 CCM4850 CCM4850
Brand: Avocent-Cyclades
Product Code: CCM4850
Availability: 1
Condition: Seller Refurbished
Condition: Seller Refurbished
Price: $200.00
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Avocent 520-390-005, CCM4850 Console Server 48 Port
Avocent CCM4850 Console Server Software Features

Complete KVM, Serial and Power Management Solution: CCM4850 works in unison with other Avocent KVM switches and appliances to enable administrators to manage a wide range of data center devices through local access at the rack or by remote access through KVM over IP connections.
Ease of Management: Avocent DSView3 management software provides easy and secure local or remote management of CCM appliances.
Security: The Avocent CCM4850 secure console server appliance offers internal and external user authentication methods and port-specific access rights.
Ease of Access: For administrators that prefer GUI-based session launching, Avocent's management software provides an intuitive, explorer-like interface to organize servers into logical groupings and permit session launching via a simple mouse click. With support for custom folders, labels, and icons, it is no longer necessary to recall cryptic machine names or IP addresses.
Scalable: The Avocent CCM4850 console switch appliance architecture is scalable rather than stackable; there are no restrictions on the number of CCM appliances that can be added to an installation.
Non-blocked Access: The Avocent CCM4850 serial console server architecture supports simultaneous sessions to all serial ports.
Avocent CCM4850 Console Server Hardware Features

Solaris Ready: Hardware break suppression ensures uninterrupted operation of Solaris servers even if power is lost to the CCM appliance.
Break Generation: Hardware break, sometimes referred to as STOP-A, may be intentionally generated via Telnet or SSH clients.
Port History: Port history functionality includes offline buffering, string search and various modes to save or clear onboard history buffers.
Direct Port Addressing: Sessions may be established directly to any CCM appliance port by using SSH to bypass the CCM command line interface.
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