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SLC04822N-01 SLC04822N-01 SLC04822N-01 SLC04822N-01 SLC04822N-01 SLC04822N-01
Brand: Lantronix
Product Code: SLC04822N-01
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Price: $395.00
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Secure, Remote Management for Servers and IT Equipment
The Lantronix SLC secure console servers provide secure, remote access to servers and IT infrastructure equipment, whether it's located down the hall or across the globe. IT professionals can use Lantronix SLC to monitor, manage and troubleshoot nearly anything in the data center rack, from anywhere, at any time, even if servers or networks are down. This capability means faster response rates which translate into reduced costs and less downtime.

With a common GUI interface that is simple to set up and use, Lantronix SLC serial console server provides easy, secure administration and management of IT equipment – from anywhere, at any time.

Through our secure console server, system administrators can securely access and control a wide variety of IT and data center equipment, including Linux, Unix or Windowss 2003 servers, routers, switches, PBXs, UPSs, and even building access devices through their serial ports. Connecting from eight to 48 serial ports to an SLC provides the ability to centrally monitor, manage and troubleshoot many pieces of equipment using familiar tools such as Telnet or SSH.

Anytime, Anywhere Solution

With Lantronix, it’s just like being there. Access to the SLC device ports is accomplished via Telnet/SSH or, a web page launched console client, with no proprietary software required. Any server or IT asset that provides console or serial port management services can be managed remotely from any location with the same interface and capabilities available locally. The command line interfaces of most IT equipment provide low-level access for reconfiguring, rebooting, and even reloading firmware. SLC enables IT managers to take advantage of these functions from a single point-of-contact over a network or out-of-band dial-up connection. In-band access is available through dual Ethernet connections for both public and management networks.

Integrated Security

Protecting IT resources is a top priority. Lantronix SLC provides security features such as SSL and SSH for data encryption. It also supports remote authentication for integration with other systems already in place in the data center. For added protection, the SLC also includes firewall features to reject connection attempts or block ports and is the first console server with a NIST-certified AES encryption.

Easy to Deploy and Use

Lantronix SLC provides a comprehensive suite of features enabling quick setup and deployment, with typical "box to operation" times of fewer than 10 minutes. A front panel LCD with keypad, "Quick Setup" web interface and a command line interface (CLI) setup script are all available. The comprehensive online help system includes context-sensitive information during configuration and operation. Lantronix SLC offers single or dual AC or dual DC power supply options. Other key features include SNMP support and e-mail notifications with string recognition and RegExp support.
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