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Brand: Cisco
Product Code: SPA-10X1GE-V2
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Condition: Seller Refurbished
Price: $235.00
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Cisco 10Port Gigabit Ethernet Shared Port Adapter V2
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Tags: SPA-10X1GE-V2, Cisco SPA-10X1GE-V2, SPA10X1GEV2, Cisco, CNUIAWWAAA, Cisco, 10, Port, Gigabit, Ethernet, Shared, Port, Adapter, V2 The, Cisco, Interface, Flexibility, (I-Flex), design, combines, shared, port, adapters, (SPAs), and, SPA, interface, processors, (SIPs), , taking, advantage, of, an, extensible, design, that, helps, enable, service, prioritization, for, voice, , video, , and, data, services., Enterprise, and, service, provider, customers, can, take, advantage, of, improved, slot, economics, resulting, from, modular, port, adapters, that, are, interchangeable, across, Cisco, routing, platforms., The, Cisco, I-Flex, design, maximizes, connectivity, options, and, offers, superior, service, intelligence, through, programmable, interface, processors, that, deliver, line-rate, performance., Cisco, I-Flex, enhances, speed-to-service, revenue, and, provides, a, rich, set, of, quality, of, service, (QoS), features, for, premium, service, delivery, while, effectively, reducing, the, overall, cost, of, ownership., This, data, sheet, contains, the, specifications, for, the, Cisco, 2-, , 5-, , 8-, , and, 10-Port, Gigabit, Ethernet, Shared, Port, Adapters, , Version, 2 Product, compatibility •, Cisco, Catalyst, 6500, Series, Switches, (2, and, 10-port, GE, SPAs) •, Cisco, 7600, Series, Router, (2-, , 5-, , and, 10-port, GE, SPAs) •, Cisco, 12000, Series, Router, (2-, , 5-, , 8-, , and, 10-port, GE, SPAs) •, Cisco, XR, 12000, Series, Router, (2-, , 5-, , 8-, , and, 10-port, GE, SPAs) •, Cisco, ASR, 1000, Series, Router, (2-, , 5-, , 8-, , and, 10-port, GE, SPAs) •, Cisco, CRS, Carrier, Routing, System, (5-, , 8-, , and, 10-port, GE, SPAs) •, Cisco, 10000, Series, Router, (2, and, 5-port, GE, SPAs) Features, and, functions •, Autonegotiation •, Full-duplex, operation •, 802.1Q, VLAN, termination •, 802.1ad, QinQ, termination, (stacked, VLAN, processing) •, Jumbo, Frames, support, (9188, bytes) •, Support, for, command-line, interface, (CLI)-controlled, online, insertion, and, removal, (OIR) •, 802.3x, flow, control •, Bridge, protocol, data, unit, (BPDU), , Cisco, Discovery, Protocol, , and, VLAN, Trunking, Protocol, (VTP), filtering •, Layer, 2, Protocol, (BPDU, , Cisco, Discovery, Protocol, , and, VTP), Tunneling •, Layer, 2, access, list, (MAC, address-based, filtering) •, Up, to, 8000, VLANs, per, SPA, and, subject, to, a, limit, of, 4000, VLANs, per, port, for, 802.1q •, Up, to, 5000, MAC, accounting, entries, per, SPA, (source, MAC, accounting, on, the, ingress, , and, destination, MAC, accounting, on, the, egress) •, Up, to, 2000, MAC, address, entries, for, destination, MAC, address, filtering, per, SPA, , and, up, to, 1000, MAC, address, filtering, entries, per, port •, Per-port, byte, and, packet, counters, for, policy, drops;, oversubscription, drops;, cyclic, redundancy, check, (CRC), error, drops;, packet, sizes;, and, unicast, , multicast, , and, broadcast, packets •, Per-VLAN, byte, and, packet, counters, for, policy, drops;, oversubscription, drops;, and, unicast, , multicast, , and, broadcast, packets •, Per-port, byte, counters, for, good, bytes, and, dropped, bytes Network, management Network, management, using- •, Host-system, CLI •, Simple, Network, Management, Protocol, (SNMP) Inventory-, and, asset, management-related, MIBs- •, Entity-MIB, (RFC, 2737) •, Cisco-entity-asset-MIB Fault, management- •, Cisco-entity-field-replaceable, unit, (FRU)-control-MIB •, Cisco-entity-alarm-MIB •, Cisco-entity-sensor-MIB Physical, interface, management- •, IF-MIB •, Etherlike-MIB, (RFC, 2665) Other, MIBs- •, Remote, Monitoring, (RMON)-MIB, (RFC, 1757) •, Cisco-class-based-QoS-MIB •, MPLS-related, MIBs •, Ethernet, MIB/RMON