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Brand: Extreme Networks
Product Code: 16101
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Price: $125.00
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The Extreme Networks Summit 400-48t is designed to meet the performance and availability requirements of today's high-performance converged networks that require Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. Converged applications like IP Telephony, video and wireless LAN require enhanced resiliency and reduced latency.

Total Number of Network Ports: 48
Management Port: Yes
Number of Stack Ports: 2
Stack Port: Yes
Number of Network (RJ-45) Ports: 48
Port/Expansion Slot Details: 48 x Gigabit Ethernet Network
Port/Expansion Slot Details: 4 x Gigabit Ethernet Expansion Slot
Media & Performance
Media Type Supported: Twisted Pair
Ethernet Technology: Gigabit Ethernet
Network Technology: 10/100/1000Base-T
I/O Expansions
Number of Total Expansion Slots: 4
Expansion Slot Type: SFP
Shared SFP Slot: Yes
Number of SFP Slots: 4
Network & Communication
Layer Supported: 3
Management & Protocols
Manageable: Yes

DiffServ Precedence, including 8 queues/port
802.1p Packet Priority
Ingress Rate Limiting
Layer 1-4, Layer 7 (user name) Policy-Based Mapping
Network Login/802.1x and DLCS (Dynamic Link Context System

4096 VLANs
IEEE 802.1Q VLAN Tagging
IEEE 802.3ad Static configuration and dynamic (LACP) for server attached
IEEE 802.1v: VLAN classification by Protocol and Port
Port-based VLANs
MAC-based VLANs
Protocol-based VLANs
Multiple STP domains per VLAN

Ethernet-Like MIB
Revised MIB-II
Bridge MIB
Entity MIB, Version 2
802.1p/802.1Q MIBs
IPv4 Forwarding Table MIB
Interface MIB
ID Forwarding Table MIB
Ping/Traceroute/NSLOOKUP MIB
IEEE 802.1x 2001 MIB
VLAN Aggregation MIBs
Power Description
Input Voltage: 110 V AC
Input Voltage: 220 V AC
Power Source: Power Supply
Redundant Power Supply: Yes
Physical Characteristics
Height: 1.8"
Width: 17.4"
Depth: 16.9"
Weight (Approximate): 11.02 lb
Additional Information:
9216 Byte maximum packet size (Jumbo Frame)

Routing protocol MD5 authentication
Secure Shell (SSHv2), Secure Copy (SCPv2) and SFTP with encryption/authentication
SNMPv3 user based security, with encryption/authentication
RADIUS Authentication
RADIUS Accounting
MAC-based Network Login using Radius
Network Login (web-based DHCP/HTTP/RADIUS mechanism)
MAC Address Security Lockdown, Limit and Aging
IP Address Security with DHCP Option 82, DHCP Enforce/Duplicate
Ingress Rate Limiting Granularity:

Available Rate Limiters: 3024 (63 per port)
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