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Brand: Cisco
Product Code: PWR600-AC-RPS-NCAB
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PWR600 AC redundant power (no cable included)

The 600-watt Redundant AC Power System (RPS), the PWR600-AC-RPS, is a separate chassis that provides redundant power for any combination of up to four of the following products:

Cisco 1516M hub (HP 10Base-T Hub-16M)
FastHub® 400 Series 10/100 hubs
Catalyst® 1900 Series Ethernet switches
Catalyst 2820 Series Ethernet switches
Catalyst 2900 Series XL switches
Catalyst 3500 Series XL switches
Cisco 2500 Series routers
Cisco 2500 Series access servers
Cisco 2600 Series routers
Cisco 3620/3640 Series routers
Cisco 3725 Series routers
Cisco MC3810 Multiservice access concentrator
Cisco 4000 Series routers
This power system is ideal for powering these stackable LAN and WAN products. It is flexible and cost-effective in addressing the uptime requirements of these offices by offering three levels of redundancy:

In quasi-redundant mode, the RPS can support four load units. In this configuration, the mean time between failure (MTBF) of the RPS substantially exceeds that of the power supply in the individual external devices (hubs, switches, routers, and access servers). The RPS has demonstrated MTBF in excess of 500,000 hours. In fully redundant mode, the RPS can support two external devices with a special cable offering extremely high uptime. Individual external devices can be hot inserted without affecting other external devices in either configuration. In "redundant with reboot" mode, the RPS supports 4 switches or hubs. In this mode, AC power is connected directly to the hub or switch in addition to the power from the RPS. The RPS works in standby mode, so if the power supply in the hub or switch fails, the hub or switch will reboot and come up again powered by the RPS. (This configuration is not generally recommended due to the 30-second reboot and down time.)

The RPS supports both local and remote monitoring of status. Front panel LEDs allow a quick local check of status for AC input power, DC output power, cooling fans, and system temperature. When one of the external devices that the RPS powers is a Cisco 3600 or 2600 Series, the Cisco 3600 or 2600 can receive and store status signals from the RPS. In turn, the RPS status stored on the Cisco 3600 or 2600 series is available for remote monitoring via Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) products such as CiscoWorks.


The RPS is appropriate for applications that customers consider as "mission critical." Whenever the customer's business depends on reliable, fail-safe network access the added reliability offered by the RPS is attractive.

Both the resiliency of the RPS to incur a failure and continue operating and its capability to remotely communicate current or impending failures are particularly valuable for remote locations.

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