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PRO-3060 PRO-3060
Brand: SonicWall
Product Code: PRO-3060
Availability: 1
Condition: Seller Refurbished
Condition: Seller Refurbished
Price: $150.00
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SonicWALL PRO 3060 Internet Security Appliance
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Tags: PRO-3060, SonicWall PRO-3060, PRO3060, SonicWall, SonicWALL, PRO, 3060, Internet, Security, Appliance Interfaces- 3/6*, 10/100, auto-sensing, Ethernet (1), WAN, Port, , LEDs (1), LAN, Port, , LEDs (4), Configurable, Ports, , LEDs (1), Serial, Port Today’s, highly, connected, organizations, move, vast, amounts, of, business-critical, data, across, networks., For, organizations, the, value, of, this, data, is, extraordinary, , as, is, the, need, to, move, it, quickly, , reliably, and, securely., In, order, to, maintain and, safeguard, business, continuity, , these, organizations, must, employ, advanced, features, such, as, deep, packet inspection, technology, , secure, VPN, access, , highly, reliable, network, continuity, , powerful, performance, and, flexible, scalable, configurability. The, SonicWALL®, PRO, Series, , featuring, the, PRO, 3060, and, PRO, 4060, , provides, complete, business, continuity and, multi-layered, security, for, even, the, most, complex, networks., Powered, by, SonicWALL’s, next-generation SonicOS, operating, system, and, a, dedicated, , high-performance, architecture, , the, PRO, 3060, and, PRO, 4060, deliver enterprise-class, firewall, throughput, and, hardware-accelerated, VPN, concentration., Unbeatable, price/performance characteristics, make, the, PRO, Series, the, ideal, solution, for, companies, that, need, rock, solid, network, protection coupled, with, fast, , secure, VPN, access, for, even, the, most, complex, remote, connectivity, environments. The, PRO, 3060, and, PRO, 4060, integrate, SonicWALL’s, intrusion, prevention, technology, , which, features, a configurable, , ultra-high, performance, deep, packet, inspection, firewall, that, delivers, increased, attack, prevention capabilities, over, those, supplied, by, traditional, stateful, packet, inspection, firewalls., This, powerful, combination protects, users, and, critical, network, resources, from, the, dynamic, , sophisticated, threats, that, put, today’s, corporate networks, at, risk. Standard, on, the, PRO, 4060, and, an, optional, upgrade, on, the, PRO, 3060, , SonicOS, Enhanced, delivers, powerful business, continuity, and, flexibility, features, including, ISP, failover, , load, balancing, hardware, failover, and, policy-based, NAT., Six, configurable, 10/100 Ethernet, interfaces, allow, administrators, to, create, multiple, LANs, , WANs, WLANs, , DMZs, and, custom-defined, zones., The, PRO, Series, also integrates, seamlessly, with, the, SonicWALL, suite, of, security, services, including, Intrusion, Prevention, Service, , Content, Filtering, Service, and gateway-enforced, Complete, Anti-Virus, , for, true, multi-layered protection, and, productivity., Combined, with, an, innovative, Web interface, , the, PRO, 3060, and, PRO, 4060, are, the, ultimate, choices for, robust, internal, and, external, security, , network, configuration flexibility, and, ease-of-use. The, PRO, Series, can, be, easily, managed, remotely, as, part, of, a multi-firewall, and, VPN, environment, through, a, Web, interface, or using, SonicWALL’s, industry-leading, Global, Management, System (GMS)., This, gives, network, administrators, a, powerful, set, of, tools for, rapid, deployment, , configuration, , and, management, of, global security, policies, from, a, central, location. The, SonicWALL, PRO, 3060, and, PRO, 4060, deliver, the, most, powerful, flexible, , cost-effective, network, security, platform, available, , maximizing uptime, , safeguarding, vital, network, assets, and, infrastructure, , and ensuring, complete, business, continuity.