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Cisco PA-MC-T3 , 1 Port Multi-Channel T3 Synchronous Serial Port Adapter
800-03557-01, 73-3037-01
The PA-MC-T3 T3 link is channelized into 28 independent T1 data lines. Each T1 line can be unchannelized or channelized for serial transmission of data.

Each of the T1 lines can use the whole T1 bandwidth, a portion of the T1 bandwidth, or the T1 bandwidth in channelized form for data transmission. Usable bandwidths for each T1 line are n x 56 kbps or n x 64 kbps, where n is a number representing time slots 1 to 24. Channelized T1 allows up to 24 time slots (56 kbps/64 kbps) per T1 line. The unused portion of the T1 bandwidth, when not running at full T 1 speeds, cannot be used and is filled with idle channel data. Aggregation of multiple T1 lines is not supported. The PA-MC-T3 can support a maximum of 128 logical channels.

The T3 section of the PA-MC-T3 supports the maintenance data link channel (when using c-bit parity) as well as payload and network loopbacks. The T1 section of the PA-MC-T3 supports facilities data link (FDL) in Extended Superframe (ESF) framing, as well as various loopbacks. Bit error rate (BER) testing is supported on each of the T1 lines. Testing is typically done over an unframed T1 signal.

The PA-MC-T3 supports Cisco High-Level Data Link Control (HDLC), Frame Relay, PPP, and SMDS Data Exchange Interface (DXI) encapsulations over each T1 link. For Switched Multimegabit Data Service (SMDS) only, DXI is sent on the T1 line, so it needs to connect to an SMDS switch that has direct DXI input.
The physical T3 link on the PA-MC-T3 consists of two female BNC connectors, one for receive (RX) and one for transmit (TX). You must use 75-ohm RG-59 coaxial interface cables with male BNC connectors to connect the PA-MC-T3 interface with external T3 equipment. (For cable information, refer to the "Cables, Connectors, and Pinouts" section.)

Any of the 28 T1 lines can be configured as channelized T1 lines. You can group the time slots in these T1 lines into several individual logical channel groups, each of which carries data with different data-link layer protocol encapsulations.

Each logical channel group can be composed of individual 56-kbps or 64-kbps time slots, or individual time slots plus ranges of time slots; for example, a channel group might be composed of time slots 1, 9, and 12-14. Each logical channel group can contain from 1 to 24 time slots maximum; the same time slot cannot be used in more than one logical channel group. Any unused time slots are filled with programmable idle-channel data.

Each T1 line contains onboard T1 bit error rate test (BERT) circuitry. With this, the port adapter software can send and detect programmable patterns, and you can run a BERT on any T1 line or all of the 28 T1 lines simultaneously.
The PA-MC-T3 contains the following features:

•Transmits and receives data bidirectionally at the T3 rate of 44.736 Mbps (digital signal carried on a T3 line, digital signal level 3 [DS3]).

•The T3 connection, provided by way of two female BNC connections for transmit (TX) and receive (RX), requires RG-59 coaxial cable that has an impedance of 75 ohms.

•Supports RFC 1406 and RFC 1407 (CISCO-RFC-1407-CAPABILITY.my). For RFC 1406, Cisco supports all tables except the Frac table. For RFC 1407, Cisco supports all tables except the FarEnd tables. (For information on accessing Cisco MIB files, refer to the Cisco Management Information Base (MIB) User Quick Reference

•PA-MC-T3 microcode is loaded into and operates from DRAM (or SDRAM) configuration and is determined by the VIP model on which the PA-MC-T3 is installed.

•On the Catalyst RSM/VIP2, PA-MC-T3 microcode is loaded into and operates from DRAM on the Catalyst RSM/VIP2-40.
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