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Cisco PA-GE, 800-03839-05, CN2I3R0AAC 7200-7500 Gigabit Ethernet port adaptor with handle

The PA-GE is a single-port port adapter that, when combined with the appropriate optical fiber cable and a Gigabit Interface Converter (GBIC), provides one Gigabit Ethernet (GE) interface that is compliant with the IEEE 802.3z specification. The GE interface on a PA-GE operates in full-duplex mode.
The PA-GE offers an additional choice of high-speed LAN connection to Cisco 7200 VXR and Cisco uBR7246 VXR routers. The PA-GE does not offer wire rate performance on Cisco 7200 VXR or Cisco uBR7246 VXR routers but does offer performance throughput suitable to WAN aggregation applications. Cisco 7200 VXR and Cisco uBR7246 VXR routers, when deployed as WAN aggregation routers, can be integrated into a Gigabit Ethernet campus backbone using the PA-GE.

This section provides an overview of the IEEE 802.3z specification and Gigabit Ethernet. The term Ethernet is commonly used for all LANs that generally conform to Ethernet specifications, including Gigabit Ethernet under IEEE 802.3z, which is well suited to applications in which a local communication medium must carry sporadic, occasionally heavy traffic at high peak data rates.

The IEEE 802.3z specification includes the following three physical layer protocols:

•1000BASE-CX—Full-duplex operation over copper wire

•1000BASE-SX—Full-duplex operation with short-wavelength (850-nanometer [nm]) devices over multimode optical fiber

•1000BASE-LX—Full-duplex operation with long-wavelength (1300-nm) devices over multimode or single-mode optical fiber

•1000BASE-ZX—Full-duplex operation with extended-wavelength (1550-nm) devices over single-mode optical fiber

The PA-GE supports the following features:

•Applicable IEEE 802.3z standards; full-duplex operation only

•IEEE 802.3x flow control

•Layer 3 distributed services, including Route Processor (RP) Cisco Express Forwarding (CEF) switching, fast switching, flow switching, and Committed Access Rate (CAR)

•IEEE 802.1Q frames (in tagged or untagged modes)

•Maximum transmission unit (MTU) of 4476 bytes

•Ethernet Inter-Switch Link (ISL) encapsulation

•Online insertion and removal (OIR) of the PA-GE and the Gigabit Interface Converter (GBIC)

•Support for 1000BASE-SX (short wavelength—850 nm), 1000BASE-LX (long wavelength—1300 nm), 1000BASE-LH (long haul wavelength—1300 nm), and 1000BASE-ZX (extended wavelength—1550 nm) operation by way of GBICs

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Tags: PA-GE, Cisco PA-GE, PAGE, Cisco, CN2I3R0AAC, Cisco, PA-GE, , 800-03839-05, , CN2I3R0AAC, 7200-7500, Gigabit, Ethernet, port, adaptor, with, handle The, PA-GE, is, a, single-port, port, adapter, that, , when, combined, with, the, appropriate, optical, fiber, cable, and, a, Gigabit, Interface, Converter, (GBIC), , provides, one, Gigabit, Ethernet, (GE), interface, that, is, compliant, with, the, IEEE, 802.3z, specification., The, GE, interface, on, a, PA-GE, operates, in, full-duplex, mode. The, PA-GE, offers, an, additional, choice, of, high-speed, LAN, connection, to, Cisco, 7200, VXR, and, Cisco, uBR7246, VXR, routers., The, PA-GE, does, not, offer, wire, rate, performance, on, Cisco, 7200, VXR, or, Cisco, uBR7246, VXR, routers, but, does, offer, performance, throughput, suitable, to, WAN, aggregation, applications., Cisco, 7200, VXR, and, Cisco, uBR7246, VXR, routers, , when, deployed, as, WAN, aggregation, routers, , can, be, integrated, into, a, Gigabit, Ethernet, campus, backbone, using, the, PA-GE. This, section, provides, an, overview, of, the, IEEE, 802.3z, specification, and, Gigabit, Ethernet., The, term, Ethernet, is, commonly, used, for, all, LANs, that, generally, conform, to, Ethernet, specifications, , including, Gigabit, Ethernet, under, IEEE, 802.3z, , which, is, well, suited, to, applications, in, which, a, local, communication, medium, must, carry, sporadic, , occasionally, heavy, traffic, at, high, peak, data, rates. The, IEEE, 802.3z, specification, includes, the, following, three, physical, layer, protocols- •1000BASE-CX—Full-duplex, operation, over, copper, wire •1000BASE-SX—Full-duplex, operation, with, short-wavelength, (850-nanometer, [nm]), devices, over, multimode, optical, fiber •1000BASE-LX—Full-duplex, operation, with, long-wavelength, (1300-nm), devices, over, multimode, or, single-mode, optical, fiber •1000BASE-ZX—Full-duplex, operation, with, extended-wavelength, (1550-nm), devices, over, single-mode, optical, fiber The, PA-GE, supports, the, following, features- •Applicable, IEEE, 802.3z, standards;, full-duplex, operation, only •IEEE, 802.3x, flow, control •Layer, 3, distributed, services, , including, Route, Processor, (RP), Cisco, Express, Forwarding, (CEF), switching, , fast, switching, , flow, switching, , and, Committed, Access, Rate, (CAR) •IEEE, 802.1Q, frames, (in, tagged, or, untagged, modes) •Maximum, transmission, unit, (MTU), of, 4476, bytes •Ethernet, Inter-Switch, Link, (ISL), encapsulation •Online, insertion, and, removal, (OIR), of, the, PA-GE, and, the, Gigabit, Interface, Converter, (GBIC) •Support, for, 1000BASE-SX, (short, wavelength—850, nm), , 1000BASE-LX, (long, wavelength—1300, nm), , 1000BASE-LH, (long, haul, wavelength—1300, nm), , and, 1000BASE-ZX, (extended, wavelength—1550, nm), operation, by, way, of, GBICs,