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15454E-STM1E-12 15454E-STM1E-12 15454E-STM1E-12 15454E-STM1E-12 15454E-STM1E-12 15454E-STM1E-12 15454E-STM1E-12 15454E-STM1E-12
Brand: Cisco
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15454-STM-1 electrical interface card, 12 circuits
The Cisco ONS 15454 STM-1E Card provides 12 STM-1 electrical interfaces (ITU-T G.703, 155.520 Mbps) on a single card
The STM-1E card can be installed into multiservice slots 1-4 and 14-17 in the shelf assembly. With the front-mount-electrical-connection (FMEC) modules installed in the electrical-facility-connector-assembly (EFCA) slots, STM-1E services can be deployed in 1:1 protection or unprotected configurations. The high-density card footprint allows a single Cisco ONS 15454 SDH chassis to service up to 48 1:1 protected STM-1E interfaces or 96 unprotected interfaces.
The STM-1E card has three card-level LED indicators. The red FAIL LED indicates a hardware problem on the STM-1E card; the green ACTV LED indicates that the STM-1E card is active and ready to carry traffic. The yellow SF LED indicates a problem receiving incoming data (loss of signal [LOS], loss of frame [LOF], or high bit error rate [BER]) on one or more of the STM-1E ports on the card. You can query individual ports for further alarm resolution or port conditions through the LCD display located on the fan-tray assembly or access the system with the Cisco Transport Controller.
The STM-1E card for the Cisco ONS 15454 SDH Multiservice Provisioning Platform (MSPP) bridges the gap between existing traditional infrastructure and next-generation multiservice networks that require the flexibility to meet the demands of a wide variety of network applications found within many service provider and enterprise transport networks.
The STM-1E interface interconnects equipment such as ADMs and digital cross-connects (DXCs) at high rates (155 Mbps). The addition of the STM-1E interface card on the Cisco ONS 15454 SDH MSPP allows for ease of interconnection to the existing network infrastructure (Figure 2) as STM-1 electrical handoffs have become prevalent because of the significant cost savings of the electrical optical interfaces.

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