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15454-ML100T-12 15454-ML100T-12 15454-ML100T-12 15454-ML100T-12
Brand: Cisco
Product Code: 15454-ML100T-12
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Condition: Seller Refurbished
Price: $1,295.00
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15454-ML100T-12 Cisco ONS 10/100-Mbps Eternet Module, 12-Port, RJ-45
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Tags: 15454-ML100T-12, Cisco 15454-ML100T-12, 15454ML100T12, Cisco, S0UIAFGBAA, 15454-ML100T-12, Cisco, 10/100-Mbps, Ethernet, card, , 12, ports, , RJ-45, , Layer, 2, and, Layer, 3, switching, , SONET, (ANSI), system. 10/100Mbps, Ethernet, , 12Ckt, , L2/L3 Product, Description Cisco, ML-Series, Ethernet, Card, switch, -, 12, ports, -, managed, -, plug-in, module Device, Type Switch, -, 12, ports, -, L3, -, managed Enclosure, Type Plug-in, module Ports 12, x, 10/100 Routing, Protocol OSPF, , IS-IS, , RIP-2, , BGP, , EIGRP, , IGMP, , PIM-SM, , PIM-DM Remote, Management, Protocol SNMP Features Flow, control, , layer, 3, switching, , layer, 2, switching, , IP-routing, , auto-negotiation, , VLAN, support Compliant, Standards IEEE, 802.1D, , IEEE, 802.1Q, , IEEE, 802.1p, , IEEE, 802.3x, , IEEE, 802.1w Dimensions, (WxDxH) 0.7, in, x, 9, in, x, 12.6, in Weight 2.6, lbs The, ML-Series, interface, cards, provide, Ethernet, switching, and, IP, routing, capabilities, unmatched, in, any, multiservice, provisioning, platform, (MSPP), available, today., Cisco, has, coupled, the, ONS, 15454's, market-leading, optical, capabilities, with, Cisco's, proven, IOS, software, to, deliver, profitable, metro, Ethernet, and, IP, solutions, over, a, multiservice, network, architecture. The, Cisco, ML-Series, cards, for, the, ONS, 15454, MSPP, are, the, industry's, highest, performance, Ethernet, and, IP, switching, modules, ever, integrated, into, a, SONET/SDH, optical, transport, platform., The, ML-Series, cards, further, extend, the, multiservice, capabilities, and, flexibility, offered, by, the, Cisco, ONS, 15454, platform., Through, the, integration, of, the, industry's, most, widely, deployed, and, tested, Ethernet, and, IP, technology, , Cisco, IOS, , with, the, industries, most, successful, multiservice, provisioning, platform, , the, Cisco, ONS, 15454, , service, providers, and, enterprise, customers, are, provided, with, a, single, integrated, platform, for, delivering, true, carrier-class, metro, Ethernet, , TDM, , and, Optical, transport, services, and, applications. The, ML-Series, cards, use, a, common, hardware, and, software, base, , providing, the, same, Layer, 2, and, Layer, 3, feature, set., These, single-slot, cards, can, be, installed, in, any, of, the, 12, multiservice, interface, slots, in, an, ONS, 15454, shelf, assembly, , and, can, be, mixed, and, matched, within, the, assembly, or, network, to, enable, flexible, architectures, to, meet, the, user's, application., Each, card, has, "virtual", interfaces, that, are, mapped, to, SONET/SDH, optical, interfaces, for, transport, with, other, services, between, network, elements, over, 155, Mbps, to, 10, Gbps, optical, line, rates., Packet, transport, bandwidth, over, the, chosen, optical, interface, is, provisionable, , enabling, efficient, matching, and, scalability, of, ingress, to, transport, traffic, requirements, , based, upon, over-subscription, requirements.