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Brand: Cisco
Product Code: HWIC-1GE-SFP
Availability: 1
Condition: Seller Refurbished
Condition: Seller Refurbished
Price: $125.00
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Cisco HWIC-1GE-SFP GigE High Speed WIC With One SFP Slot
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Tags: HWIC-1GE-SFP, Cisco HWIC-1GE-SFP, HWIC1GESFP, Cisco, Cisco, HWIC-1GE-SFP, GigE, High, Speed, WIC, With, One, SFP, Slot The, Cisco, Gigabit, Ethernet, High-Speed, WAN, Interface, Card, (HWIC), brings, Gigabit, Ethernet, connectivity, to, Cisco, Integrated, Services, Routers, routers, to, accelerate, applications, such, as, Metro, Ethernet, access, , inter-VLAN, routing, , and, high-speed, connectivity, to, LAN, switches. Overview The, single-port, Cisco, Gigabit, Ethernet, HWIC, provides, Gigabit, Ethernet, optical, and, copper, connectivity, in, a, compact, form, factor, for, all, Cisco, Integrated, Service, Routers, (ISRs). The, Gigabit, Ethernet, HWIC, enables, branch, offices, to, cost-effectively, use, high-speed, uplinks, in, numerous, environments, (Figure, 1)., The, enhanced, performance, of, Gigabit, Ethernet, in, Cisco, ISRs, to, enable, new, applications, and, services, , as, well, as, provide, greater, capacity, for, existing, inter-VLAN, routing, and, bridging, capabilities., Additionally, , branch, offices, can, now, connect, to, metropolitan-area, networks, (MANs). Note-, The, HWIC, provides, Gigabit, Ethernet, connectivity, but, will, not, support, line, rate, since, the, throughput, is, limited, by, the, platforms. For, flexibility, , the, HWIC, includes, one, Small, Form-Factor, Pluggable, (SFP), slot, to, carry, any, Cisco, copper, or, optical, SFP, (Table, 1), , allowing, customers, to, use, different, SFPs, for, special, distance, , cost, , existing, infrastructure, , and, future, expansion, requirements. Cisco, IOS, ®, Software, provides, enhanced, capabilities, such, as, quality, of, service, (QoS), , Multiprotocol, Label, Switching, (MPLS), , IP, Security, (IPSec), , and, Layer, 3, VPNs., Since, this, is, a, true, routed, port, card, , the, user, can, configure, an, IP, address, directly, on, the, HWIC-1GE-SFP, interface, and, does, not, have, to, configure, the, port, for, VLAN, trunking, as, is, done, in, Switched, Virtual, Interface, (SVI), configurations.