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Brand: Cisco
Product Code: CPT-PTF256-10GX4
Availability: 1
Price: $1,500.00
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Cisco CPT-PTF256-10Gx4, 800-32731-01, 73-12588-06 Packet Transport Fabric 256G Fabric Card with 4x10GE CPT-PTF256-10Gx4 Cisco CPT 200 and 600 PTF offers: - 256 Gbps of non-blocking fully redundant switching fabric - Distributed forwarding and control planes for higher performance - Modularized system components in both hardware and software, isolating failure and faults to subsystem and component - Hardware-based signaling for the fabric: support for near zero packet loss on switchover - Built-in redundancy in hardware components such as the route switch processor (RSP), switch fabric, control-plane chassis control bus, and power supplies, thereby avoiding a single point of failure - 4 port of 10Gbps Ethernet Interfaces that operate as UNI, NNI, & Satellite architecture extension - Hardware based Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) processing and control that provide transport SLA detection times With integrated synchronization circuitry and dedicated backplane timing traces for accessing the shelf controllers Stratum-3 subsystem, the CPT 200 and 600 PTF Line Card provides standards-based line-interface functions for delivering and deriving transport-class network timing, enabling support of network-synchronized services and applications such as mobile backhaul and migration of TDM services. The PTF also consolidating Unified MPLS transport and DWDM networking by integrating the G.709 OTN layer with both I.7 and I.4 Enhanced Forward Error Correction (EFEC) into two 10GE ports. The G.709 provides visibility into the DWDM transmission system to permit rapid detection and recovery from transmission-layer and DWDM impairments and G.709 can also be configured for proactive protection if signal degradation is detected; it prevents traffic loss and link outage. The Enhanced Forward Error Correction extends transmission-layer performance, delivering extended performance over an amplified system without the cost of regeneration or transponders.
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