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Brand: Raritan
Product Code: DKSX2-188
Availability: 1
Price: $1,295.00
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Raritan Dominion DKSX2-188 8 Port KVM Over IP Switch DKSX2-188 The Dominion KSX II DKSX2-188 is an 8 serial port, 8 KVM port integrated remote management appliance that provides out-of-band access to IT assets that have both KVM and serial interfaces. It provides anytime, anywhere access and BIOS-level control of servers, as well as serial console access to networking devices. This, combined with remote power control and strong security features, makes the KSX II an optimal choice for troubleshooting and managing equipment in remote offices. The KVM components of this remote management switch combines the productivity of IP access with a new level of at-the-rack KVM performance through faster video updates, Absolute Mouse Synchronization and 1600x1200 remote resolution. In addition, the integrated serial control and modem add additional layers of security and availability not available in standard SSH and Telnet access. The Raritan KSX II comes equipped with virtual media to enable remote management tasks using the widest variety of CD, DVD, USB, internal and remote drives. Virtual media is available to all customers - whether through Raritan's CommandCenter management appliance for centralized access and control, or in a standalone configuration. The Dominion KSX II provides a common, browser-based user interface across the local console, remote access and device management. It also features a browser-based local console interface for at-the-branch productivity. Dominion KSX II is a completely self-contained, secure, reliable appliance with dual Ethernet ports, AES encryption, SNMP, and LDAP/RADIUS/Active Directory authentication. Dominion KSX II can be integrated with CommandCenter Secure Gateway or used in a standalone configuration. Note: A D2CIM-VUSB (sold separately) is required for Virtual Media and Absolute Mouse Synchronization. Raritan Dominion DKSX2-188 Features & Benefits: Multiplatform, anytime, anywhere, any media access and control via IP BIOS-level control Virtual media Absolute Mouse Synchronization Native serial control, with 256KBytes buffer per port Dual gigabit Ethernet ports and built-in modem for reliability Up to 256-bit AES Encryption Customizable strong password and failed login lockout settings Group and port-level permissions LDAP and Radius support Logging (Syslog, local) Modem dial-back Plug and play appliance with quick and easy setup Common browser-based user interface for local and remote access CLI Access (SSH, Telnet, local/admin port) Remote and local browser-based management and administration 1600 x 1200 video resolution SNMP traps Remote power control Desktop compatible and Rack Mountable (1U) USB & PS/2 Keyboard & Mouse Support Two admin/local ports (KVM, serial - RS232) All serial ports can be accessed simultaneously Direct port access to serial targets Remote power control (two ports) Up to 8 users can share a single KVM connection (PC Share) Connectivity via Cat5 cables
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