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Brand: Cisco
Product Code: WS-X45-SUP8-E
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Price: $850.00
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Cisco Catalyst 4500 E-Series Supervisor 8-E w/ WS-UA-SUP8E The Cisco Catalyst 4500E Supervisor Engine 8-E is the next generation of enterprise-class switching engine that provides full convergence between wired and wireless networks on a single platform. This new Cisco Unified Access Data Plane (UADP) application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) powers the wireless convergence and helps enable uniform wired-wireless policy enforcement, application visibility, flexibility, and application optimization. The new Cisco Catalyst 4500E Supervisor Engine 8-E is an enterprise-class, access and aggregation supervisor engine designed to provide up to 928 Gbps of wired access per system with an E-Series chassis. The supervisor also supports up to 20 Gbps of wireless termination in a controller-less unified access deployment. Cisco Catalyst 4500E Supervisor Engine 8-E provides 48 Gbps per slot with Flexible NetFlow (FNF), integrated Wireshark, and advanced security, combined with reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) and excellent investment protection. These capabilities, along with eight 10 Gigabit Ethernet uplinks and 10/100/1000 Power over Ethernet (PoE), PoE Plus (PoEP), and Cisco Universal PoE (UPoE) ports, make this supervisor engine the leading Cisco Unified Access supervisor engine in the Cisco Catalyst Family. Supervisor Engine 8-E is built with price-performance aggregation deployments in mind, helping to enable denser Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet fiber deployments with enterprise-class aggregation functions. Supervisor Engine 8-E facilitates user experiences for enterprise, public sector, mid-market, and commercial customer business-critical applications. ? Performance and capability ? Up to 928 Gbps wired switching capacity with 250 Mpps of throughput ? Up to 20 Gigabits of wireless termination capacity for a wireless controller-less design. Support for up to 50 access points and 2000 wireless clients on each switching entity (software roadmap) ? Support of 250 access points and 4000 wireless clients in wireless controller-less deployments with multiple Catalyst 4500E systems forming a wireless domain (software roadmap) ? Up to eight nonblocking 10 Gigabit Ethernet uplinks (Small Form-Factor Pluggable Plus [SFP+]) ? SFP support on uplinks to offer flexibility for up to eight Gigabit Ethernet ports ? 384 ports of nonblocking 10/100/1000 ? Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+; 30 W) capabilities on all ports in a line card simultaneously ? Cisco Universal PoE (UPOE; 60 W) capabilities on all line card slots ? Energy Efficient Ethernet (IEEE 802.3az) ? 392 ports of non blocking Gigabit Ethernet SFP (8 uplink ports plus 384 line card ports) ? 104 ports of 10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ (eight uplinks ports plus 96 line card ports) ? Up to 128,000 Flexible Netflow (FNF) entries in hardware ? Secure Digital (SD) card support for flexible storage options ? 256,000 routing entries for high-end campus access and aggregation deployments ? IPv6 support in hardware, providing wire-rate forwarding for IPv6 networks ? Dual stack support for IPv4/IPv6 and Dynamic hardware forwarding-table allocations for ease of IPv4-to-IPv6 migration ? Scalable routing (IPv4, IPv6, and multicast) tables and Layer 2 tables. ? Scalable and dynamic allocation of access-control-list (ACL) and quality-of-service (QoS) entries to use eight queues per port and comprehensive security policies per port ? Infrastructure services ? Cisco IOS® XE Software, the modular open application platform for virtualized borderless services ? Maximum resiliency with redundant components, Nonstop Forwarding/Stateful Switchover (NSF/SSO), and Cisco In-Service Software Upgrade (ISSU) support ? Network virtualization through Multi-Virtual Route Forwarding (VRF) and Easy Virtual Networking (EVN) technology for Layer 3 segmentation ? Virtual Switching System (VSS) for simplified loop-free topologies without Spanning Tree dependencies. (software roadmap) ? Flexible and future proofed uplinks with Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) to support next-generation protocols ? Automation through Embedded Event Manager (EEM), Cisco Smart Call Home, AutoQoS, and Auto SmartPorts for fast provisioning, diagnosis, and reporting ? Cisco Services ? Optimized application performance through deep visibility with FNF, supporting rich Layer 2, 3, and 4 information (MAC, VLAN, and TCP Flags) and synthetic traffic generation with IP service-level agreement (IP SLA-VO) ? Medianet capabilities to enhance and simply video QoS, monitoring, and security ? Energy-efficient design with Cisco EnergyWise technology to manage network, PoE+, Personal Computers and Laptops ? Investment protection and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) ? Full backward compatibility with 6-, 24-, and 48-Gbps slot line cards with no performance degradation ? The Supervisor Engine 8-E is compatible with classic Cisco Catalyst 4500 line cards and power supplies, providing full investment protection. It is not compatible with the classic Cisco Catalyst 4500 chassis. When you deploy the Supervisor Engine 8-E with classic line cards, all of the new features except the 24- and 48-Gbps per-slot switching capacity are inherited WS-X45-SUP8-E, 68-4869-03, 800-38813-02, IPUCBGNBAB
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Tags: WS-X45-SUP8-E, Cisco WS-X45-SUP8-E, WSX45SUP8E, Cisco, IPUCBGNBAB, Cisco, Catalyst, 4500, E-Series, Supervisor, 8-E, w/, WS-UA-SUP8E The, Cisco, Catalyst, 4500E, Supervisor, Engine, 8-E, is, the, next, generation, of, enterprise-class, switching, engine, that, provides, full, convergence, between, wired, and, wireless, networks, on, a, single, platform., This, new, Cisco, Unified, Access, Data, Plane, (UADP), application-specific, integrated, circuit, (ASIC), powers, the, wireless, convergence, and, helps, enable, uniform, wired-wireless, policy, enforcement, , application, visibility, , flexibility, , and, application, optimization. The, new, Cisco, Catalyst, 4500E, Supervisor, Engine, 8-E, is, an, enterprise-class, , access, and, aggregation, supervisor, engine, designed, to, provide, up, to, 928, Gbps, of, wired, access, per, system, with, an, E-Series, chassis., The, supervisor, also, supports, up, to, 20, Gbps, of, wireless, termination, in, a, controller-less, unified, access, deployment., Cisco, Catalyst, 4500E, Supervisor, Engine, 8-E, provides, 48, Gbps, per, slot, with, Flexible, NetFlow, (FNF), , integrated, Wireshark, , and, advanced, security, , combined, with, reduced, total, cost, of, ownership, (TCO), and, excellent, investment, protection., These, capabilities, , along, with, eight, 10, Gigabit, Ethernet, uplinks, and, 10/100/1000, Power, over, Ethernet, (PoE), , PoE, Plus, (PoEP), , and, Cisco, Universal, PoE, (UPoE), ports, , make, this, supervisor, engine, the, leading, Cisco, Unified, Access, supervisor, engine, in, the, Cisco, Catalyst, Family., Supervisor, Engine, 8-E, is, built, with, price-performance, aggregation, deployments, in, mind, , helping, to, enable, denser, Gigabit, Ethernet, and, 10, Gigabit, Ethernet, fiber, deployments, with, enterprise-class, aggregation, functions., Supervisor, Engine, 8-E, facilitates, user, experiences, for, enterprise, , public, sector, , mid-market, , and, commercial, customer, business-critical, applications. ?, Performance, and, capability ?, Up, to, 928, Gbps, wired, switching, capacity, with, 250, Mpps, of, throughput ?, Up, to, 20, Gigabits, of, wireless, termination, capacity, for, a, wireless, controller-less, design., Support, for, up, to, 50, access, points, and, 2000, wireless, clients, on, each, switching, entity, (software, roadmap) ?, Support, of, 250, access, points, and, 4000, wireless, clients, in, wireless, controller-less, deployments, with, multiple, Catalyst, 4500E, systems, forming, a, wireless, domain, (software, roadmap) ?, Up, to, eight, nonblocking, 10, Gigabit, Ethernet, uplinks, (Small, Form-Factor, Pluggable, Plus, [SFP+]) ?, SFP, support, on, uplinks, to, offer, flexibility, for, up, to, eight, Gigabit, Ethernet, ports ?, 384, ports, of, nonblocking, 10/100/1000 ?, Power, over, Ethernet, Plus, (PoE+;, 30, W), capabilities, on, all, ports, in, a, line, card, simultaneously ?, Cisco, Universal, PoE, (UPOE;, 60, W), capabilities, on, all, line, card, slots ?, Energy, Efficient, Ethernet, (IEEE, 802.3az) ?, 392, ports, of, non, blocking, Gigabit, Ethernet, SFP, (8, uplink, ports, plus, 384, line, card, ports) ?, 104, ports, of, 10, Gigabit, Ethernet, SFP+, (eight, uplinks, ports, plus, 96, line, card, ports) ?, Up, to, 128, 000, Flexible, Netflow, (FNF), entries, in, hardware ?, Secure, Digital, (SD), card, support, for, flexible, storage, options ?, 256, 000, routing, entries, for, high-end, campus, access, and, aggregation, deployments ?, IPv6, support, in, hardware, , providing, wire-rate, forwarding, for, IPv6, networks ?, Dual, stack, support, for, IPv4/IPv6, and, Dynamic, hardware, forwarding-table, allocations, for, ease, of, IPv4-to-IPv6, migration ?, Scalable, routing, (IPv4, , IPv6, , and, multicast), tables, and, Layer, 2, tables. ?, Scalable, and, dynamic, allocation, of, access-control-list, (ACL), and, quality-of-service, (QoS), entries, to, use, eight, queues, per, port, and, comprehensive, security, policies, per, port ?, Infrastructure, services ?, Cisco, IOS®, XE, Software, , the, modular, open, application, platform, for, virtualized, borderless, services ?, Maximum, resiliency, with, redundant, components, , Nonstop, Forwarding/Stateful, Switchover, (NSF/SSO), , and, Cisco, In-Service, Software, Upgrade, (ISSU), support ?, Network, virtualization, through, Multi-Virtual, Route, Forwarding, (VRF), and, Easy, Virtual, Networking, (EVN), technology, for, Layer, 3, segmentation ?, Virtual, Switching, System, (VSS), for, simplified, loop-free, topologies, without, Spanning, Tree, dependencies., (software, roadmap) ?, Flexible, and, future, proofed, uplinks, with, Field, Programmable, Gate, Array, (FPGA), to, support, next-generation, protocols ?, Automation, through, Embedded, Event, Manager, (EEM), , Cisco, Smart, Call, Home, , AutoQoS, , and, Auto, SmartPorts, for, fast, provisioning, , diagnosis, , and, reporting ?, Cisco, Services ?, Optimized, application, performance, through, deep, visibility, with, FNF, , supporting, rich, Layer, 2, , 3, , and, 4, information, (MAC, , VLAN, , and, TCP, Flags), and, synthetic, traffic, generation, with, IP, service-level, agreement, (IP, SLA-VO) ?, Medianet, capabilities, to, enhance, and, simply, video, QoS, , monitoring, , and, security ?, Energy-efficient, design, with, Cisco, EnergyWise, technology, to, manage, network, , PoE+, , Personal, Computers, and, Laptops ?, Investment, protection, and, reduced, total, cost, of, ownership, (TCO) ?, Full, backward, compatibility, with, 6-, , 24-, , and, 48-Gbps, slot, line, cards, with, no, performance, degradation ?, The, Supervisor, Engine, 8-E, is, compatible, with, classic, Cisco, Catalyst, 4500, line, cards, and, power, supplies, , providing, full, investment, protection., It, is, not, compatible, with, the, classic, Cisco, Catalyst, 4500, chassis., When, you, deploy, the, Supervisor, Engine, 8-E, with, classic, line, cards, , all, of, the, new, features, except, the, 24-, and, 48-Gbps, per-slot, switching, capacity, are, inherited WS-X45-SUP8-E, , 68-4869-03, , 800-38813-02, , IPUCBGNBAB