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Product Code: TH3030-010-SSL
Availability: 2
Price: $4,000.00
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Thunder 3030S-CGN, 1U, 1xCPU, 6xGoC, 2xGF, 4x10GF, 16 GB, SSD, LOM, H/W SSL, Application Delivery Controller. (COMPACT FLASH MISSING HDD WIPED) You are buying hardware only. SELLING AS-IS TH3030-010-SSL "Built on A10's scalable and flexible Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS) architecture, all A10 Thunder UASGs integrate the following modules to provide the most effective solution. Application Delivery: Combines next-generation Application Delivery Controller (ADC) and Server Load Balancing (SLB) functionality for optimization and acceleration, full Layer 4-7 support, scalability and availability. Additional advanced modules include Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) and Application Delivery Partitions (ADPs) for multi-tenancy through virtualization to enable more applications and more services. Security: Integrates home-grown services including a Web Application Firewall (WAF) for website protection, DNS Application Firewall (DAF) for DNS infrastructure protection, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection for next-generation attack mitigation, SSL Intercept (SI) to inspect encrypted traffic and Application Access Management (AAM) for pre-authentication. Cloud, Software-defined Networking (SDN) and Next Gen Networking: Adds modern data center solutions such as aCloud with billing options for pay-as-you go/grow, SDN solutions including integration with vendors such as NEC for dynamic scaling with Layer 4-7 intelligence for OpenFlow Controllers, Carrier Grade NAT (CGNAT) for IPv4 preservation, and IPv6 solutions including multiple advanced migration options. The Thunder 3030S, 1030S and 930 include up to 30 percent more capacity, 500 percent more SSL performance and improved hardware, including 10 Gb port connectivity standard on all models, to run more services while increasing capacity for application intelligence and service offload. Increased capacity delivers the ability to offload multiple networking and security tasks. Customers can optimize networks, extend the lifetime of their existing devices, and reduce point solutions for device consolidation and significant CAPEX and OPEX savings. Higher 2048-bit key SSL performance enables customers to run highly secure encrypted sessions pervasively with more applications. A10 Thunder 3030S – Enterprise UASG 750,000 connections per second (CPS), 30 Gbps of application throughput, 14,000 SSL CPS (2048-bit key) and support for up to 64 million concurrent sessions Hardware highlights: 4 x 10-Gigabit ports (SFP+), 6 x 1-Gigabit Copper, 2 x 1-Gigabit SFP ports, NITROX III SSL ASIC and 16 GB of RAM Maximum power consumption of only 139 Watts"
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Tags: TH3030-010-SSL, A10 NETWORKS TH3030-010-SSL, TH3030010SSL, A10 NETWORKS, Thunder, 3030S-CGN, , 1U, , 1xCPU, , 6xGoC, , 2xGF, , 4x10GF, , 16, GB, , SSD, , LOM, , H/W, SSL, , Application, Delivery, Controller., (COMPACT, FLASH, MISSING, HDD, WIPED), You, are, buying, hardware, only., SELLING, AS-IS, TH3030-010-SSL "Built, on, A10's, scalable, and, flexible, Advanced, Core, Operating, System, (ACOS), architecture, , all, A10, Thunder, UASGs, integrate, the, following, modules, to, provide, the, most, effective, solution. Application, Delivery-, Combines, next-generation, Application, Delivery, Controller, (ADC), and, Server, Load, Balancing, (SLB), functionality, for, optimization, and, acceleration, , full, Layer, 4-7, support, , scalability, and, availability., Additional, advanced, modules, include, Global, Server, Load, Balancing, (GSLB), and, Application, Delivery, Partitions, (ADPs), for, multi-tenancy, through, virtualization, to, enable, more, applications, and, more, services., Security-, Integrates, home-grown, services, including, a, Web, Application, Firewall, (WAF), for, website, protection, , DNS, Application, Firewall, (DAF), for, DNS, infrastructure, protection, , Distributed, Denial, of, Service, (DDoS), protection, for, next-generation, attack, mitigation, , SSL, Intercept, (SI), to, inspect, encrypted, traffic, and, Application, Access, Management, (AAM), for, pre-authentication., Cloud, , Software-defined, Networking, (SDN), and, Next, Gen, Networking-, Adds, modern, data, center, solutions, such, as, aCloud, with, billing, options, for, pay-as-you, go/grow, , SDN, solutions, including, integration, with, vendors, such, as, NEC, for, dynamic, scaling, with, Layer, 4-7, intelligence, for, OpenFlow, Controllers, , Carrier, Grade, NAT, (CGNAT), for, IPv4, preservation, , and, IPv6, solutions, including, multiple, advanced, migration, options. The, Thunder, 3030S, , 1030S, and, 930, include, up, to, 30, percent, more, capacity, , 500, percent, more, SSL, performance, and, improved, hardware, , including, 10, Gb, port, connectivity, standard, on, all, models, , to, run, more, services, while, increasing, capacity, for, application, intelligence, and, service, offload., Increased, capacity, delivers, the, ability, to, offload, multiple, networking, and, security, tasks., Customers, can, optimize, networks, , extend, the, lifetime, of, their, existing, devices, , and, reduce, point, solutions, for, device, consolidation, and, significant, CAPEX, and, OPEX, savings., Higher, 2048-bit, key, SSL, performance, enables, customers, to, run, highly, secure, encrypted, sessions, pervasively, with, more, applications. A10, Thunder, 3030S, , Enterprise, UASG 750, 000, connections, per, second, (CPS), , 30, Gbps, of, application, throughput, , 14, 000, SSL, CPS, (2048-bit, key), and, support, for, up, to, 64, million, concurrent, sessions Hardware, highlights-, 4, x, 10-Gigabit, ports, (SFP+), , 6, x, 1-Gigabit, Copper, , 2, x, 1-Gigabit, SFP, ports, , NITROX, III, SSL, ASIC, and, 16, GB, of, RAM Maximum, power, consumption, of, only, 139, Watts"