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Brand: Arista
Product Code: DCS-7010T-48-R
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Price: $1,495.00
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Arista DCS-7010T-48-R 7010T, 48x RJ45 (100/1000), 4 x SFP+ (1/10GbE) switch, rear to front air, 2x AC The Arista 7010T offers a purpose built high performance and power efficient solution for high density data center deployments. With 48 ports of 10/100/1000 and 4 integrated 1/10GbE SFP+ ports the switch delivers non-blocking forwarding of 176Gbps combined with feature rich L2 and L3 switching. A natural extension to the 7050X Series the 7010T are members of the Arista portfolio of data center switches. The 7010T delivers the flexibility to be deployed as the server edge of 1Gb Ethernet leaf and spine designs or as a dedicated management network switch. With broad support for QoS, security, automation and monitoring features the 7010T provides an ideal solution to the challenges of implementing network policy consistently in both 1G and 10G environments when combined with the Arista fixed configuration 10G switches. Arista EOS advanced automation, monitoring and provisioning features that are consistent to all Arista 7000 Series switches, eliminate the complexity associated with managing mixed environments with inconsistent feature sets. Addressing the need for server Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) and out of band (OOB) network monitoring, demands solutions that are simple to deploy and manage, with full support for 100Mb and 1Gb with redundant power and cooling for availability. Performance •7010T-48: 48 x 10/100/1000 and 4 SFP+ •Up to 176Gbps throughput •Up to 132Mpps forwarding •Wire speed L2 and L3 forwarding Data Center Optimized Design • Low power consumption under 1W/port • Redundant power • Redundant & hot-swappable fans • Field reversible fan module for rear-to-front or front-to-rear cooling • 2 post and zero RU mounting • AC or DC Power Options Cloud Networking Ready •Up to 84K MAC entries •Up to 16K IPv4 Routes •Up to 84K IPv4 Host Routes •Up to 8K IPv6 Routes •Up to 42K IPv6 Host Routes • 64-way ECMP • 32-port MLAG • 4MB Buffer Resilient Control Plane •Multi-core x86 CPU • 4GB DRAM • 4GB Flash Advanced Provisioning & Monitoring • CloudVision • VM Tracer VMware Integration •DirectFlow * and eAPI •OpenStack • Chef, Puppet, Ansible • Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) • Self-configure and recover from USB Arista Extensible Operating System • Single binary image for all products • Fine-grained truly modular network OS • Stateful Fault Containment (SFC) • Stateful Fault Repair (SFR) • Full Access to Linux shell and tools • Extensible platform - bash, python, C++
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Tags: DCS-7010T-48-R, Arista DCS-7010T-48-R, DCS7010T48R, Arista, Arista, DCS-7010T-48-R, 7010T, , 48x, RJ45, (100/1000), , 4, x, SFP+, (1/10GbE), switch, , rear, to, front, air, , 2x, AC The, Arista, 7010T, offers, a, purpose, built, high, performance, and, power, efficient, solution, for, high, density, data, center, deployments., With, 48, ports, of, 10/100/1000, and, 4, integrated, 1/10GbE, SFP+, ports, the, switch, delivers, non-blocking, forwarding, of, 176Gbps, combined, with, feature, rich, L2, and, L3, switching., A, natural, extension, to, the, 7050X, Series, the, 7010T, are, members, of, the, Arista, portfolio, of, data, center, switches. The, 7010T, delivers, the, flexibility, to, be, deployed, as, the, server, edge, of, 1Gb, Ethernet, leaf, and, spine, designs, or, as, a, dedicated, management, network, switch., With, broad, support, for, QoS, , security, , automation, and, monitoring, features, the, 7010T, provides, an, ideal, solution, to, the, challenges, of, implementing, network, policy, consistently, in, both, 1G, and, 10G, environments, when, combined, with, the, Arista, fixed, configuration, 10G, switches., Arista, EOS, advanced, automation, , monitoring, and, provisioning, features, that, are, consistent, to, all, Arista, 7000, Series, switches, , eliminate, the, complexity, associated, with, managing, mixed, environments, with, inconsistent, feature, sets., Addressing, the, need, for, server, Intelligent, Platform, Management, Interface (IPMI), and, out, of, band, (OOB), network, monitoring, , demands, solutions, that, are, simple, to, deploy, and, manage, , with, full, support, for, 100Mb, and, 1Gb, with, redundant, power, and, cooling, for, availability., Performance •7010T-48-, 48, x, 10/100/1000, and, 4, SFP+ •Up, to, 176Gbps, throughput •Up, to, 132Mpps, forwarding •Wire, speed, L2, and, L3, forwarding Data, Center, Optimized, Design •, Low, power, consumption, under, 1W/port •, Redundant, power •, Redundant, &, hot-swappable, fans •, Field, reversible, fan, module, for rear-to-front, or, front-to-rear, cooling •, 2, post, and, zero, RU, mounting •, AC, or, DC, Power, Options Cloud, Networking, Ready •Up, to, 84K, MAC, entries •Up, to, 16K, IPv4, Routes •Up, to, 84K, IPv4, Host, Routes •Up, to, 8K, IPv6, Routes •Up, to, 42K, IPv6, Host, Routes •, 64-way, ECMP •, 32-port, MLAG •, 4MB, Buffer Resilient, Control, Plane •Multi-core, x86, CPU •, 4GB, DRAM •, 4GB, Flash Advanced, Provisioning, &, Monitoring •, CloudVision •, VM, Tracer, VMware, Integration •DirectFlow, *, and, eAPI •OpenStack •, Chef, , Puppet, , Ansible •, Zero, Touch, Provisioning, (ZTP) •, Self-configure, and, recover, from, USB Arista, Extensible, Operating, System •, Single, binary, image, for, all, products •, Fine-grained, truly, modular, network, OS •, Stateful, Fault, Containment, (SFC) •, Stateful, Fault, Repair, (SFR) •, Full, Access, to, Linux, shell, and, tools •, Extensible, platform, -, bash, , python, , C++