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Brand: MRV
Product Code: LX-4048T-002AC
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MRV LX-4048T-002AC 48 Ports, Dual AC, Secure Console Server The 4000T Series of console servers (also referred to as terminal servers) gives IT administrators the ability to perform secure remote management of operational and physical infrastructures. With models ranging from to 48 ports, the LX-4000T Series can meet a wide range of needs. The 4000T Series uses the proven LX Series software, for an easy transition from other LX Series models. Dual Ethernet ports support automatic failover to secondary paths. The 4000T Series offers single and dual power options in all port densities. An optional internal modem provides flexibility and dial up connectivity. The optional Digital Volt Meter provides visibility to power levels for DC power sources. The 4000T Series can be used with MRV's 5250/ 4800 Power Control Series to provide administrators with the ability to manage, control, and monitor individual power outlets for critical equipment. Using secure access through the 4000T series, network managers can remotely power cycle a locked up server, bring a redundant system online or turn on an auxiliary air conditioner. Physical infrastructure control and monitoring can be enabled on each 4000T Series serial port, supporting 2 sensor inputs or 2 control outputs. For sites that need expanded sensor monitoring, the 7204 Sensor Manager augments the 4000T Series to support high density wet and dry contact and analog loop sensors with control outputs. Sophisticated Trigger/Action control can be used for customizing that meets specific organizational notification and control needs. Applications Enterprise data centers Remote/branch offices Telco central office and remote facilities Utilities Test and development labs Cutting Costs - Nearly eliminate the need for personnel to be physically present at remote equipment site Increasing Security, Lowering Risk - Protect service ports from unauthorized, undetected access - Capture logs as a record of system activity to meet regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, etc. Improving Service Levels - Easy, efficient access uses scarce technical resources more effectively - Reduces need for redundancy by minimizing downtime Simplifying Operations - Verify access using existing security infrastructure Simplifying Event Notification and Response - Automatic response to an emergency can increase safety and avoid disasters The 4000T Series has a management option to fit every style. The easy to use browser based Graphical User Interface allows full configuration and management, while the industry standard style extensive Command Line Interface is a powerful tool for automated scripts. MRV's MegaVision product can be used as a standalone network management and fault management system, or be combined with other management platforms. MRV offers the industry's first console servers to meet the demanding US Government FIPS 140-2 cryptographic security standard. With US government approved agency testing, the LX Series software delivers the most secure and richest set of features, including, point and click access to any port, per port password protection, SSH v2.0, SNMP IP V6, RADIUS, SecurID, LDAP, TACACS+, PPP PAP/ CHAP, PPP dial-back, user access lists, and on-board database. The Cluster Control and Configuration features simplify configuration and control of large networks without a single point of failure.
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Tags: LX-4048T-002AC, MRV LX-4048T-002AC, LX4048T002AC, MRV, MRV, LX-4048T-002AC, 48, Ports, , Dual, AC, , Secure, Console, Server The, 4000T, Series, of, console, servers, (also, referred, to, as, terminal, servers), gives, IT, administrators, the, ability, to, perform, secure, remote, management, of, operational, and, physical, infrastructures., With, models, ranging, from, to, 48, ports, , the, LX-4000T, Series, can, meet, a, wide, range, of, needs., The, 4000T, Series, uses, the, proven, LX, Series, software, , for, an, easy, transition, from, other, LX, Series, models., Dual, Ethernet, ports, support, automatic, failover, to, secondary, paths., The, 4000T, Series, offers, single, and, dual, power, options, in, all, port, densities., An, optional, internal, modem, provides, flexibility, and, dial, up, connectivity., The, optional, Digital, Volt, Meter, provides, visibility, to, power, levels, for, DC, power, sources., The, 4000T, Series, can, be, used, with, MRV's, 5250/, 4800, Power, Control, Series, to, provide, administrators, with, the, ability, to, manage, , control, , and, monitor, individual, power, outlets, for, critical, equipment., Using, secure, access, through, the, 4000T, series, , network, managers, can, remotely, power, cycle, a, locked, up, server, , bring, a, redundant, system, online, or, turn, on, an, auxiliary, air, conditioner., Physical, infrastructure, control, and, monitoring, can, be, enabled, on, each, 4000T, Series, serial, port, , supporting, 2, sensor, inputs, or, 2, control, outputs., For, sites, that, need, expanded, sensor, monitoring, , the, 7204, Sensor, Manager, augments, the, 4000T, Series, to, support, high, density, wet, and, dry, contact, and, analog, loop, sensors, with, control, outputs., Sophisticated, Trigger/Action, control, can, be, used, for, customizing, that, meets, specific, organizational, notification, and, control, needs. Applications Enterprise, data, centers, Remote/branch, offices, Telco, central, office, and, remote, facilities, Utilities, Test, and, development, labs Cutting, Costs, -, Nearly, eliminate, the, need, for, personnel, to, be, physically, present, at, remote, equipment, site, Increasing, Security, , Lowering, Risk, -, Protect, service, ports, from, unauthorized, , undetected, access, -, Capture, logs, as, a, record, of, system, activity, to, meet, regulations, such, as, Sarbanes-Oxley, , HIPAA, , etc., Improving, Service, Levels, -, Easy, , efficient, access, uses, scarce, technical, resources, more, effectively, -, Reduces, need, for, redundancy, by, minimizing, downtime, Simplifying, Operations, -, Verify, access, using, existing, security, infrastructure, Simplifying, Event, Notification, and, Response, -, Automatic, response, to, an, emergency, can, increase, safety, and, avoid, disasters The, 4000T, Series, has, a, management, option, to, fit, every, style., The, easy, to, use, browser, based, Graphical, User, Interface, allows, full, configuration, and, management, , while, the, industry, standard, style, extensive, Command, Line, Interface, is, a, powerful, tool, for, automated, scripts., MRV's, MegaVision, product, can, be, used, as, a, standalone, network, management, and, fault, management, system, , or, be, combined, with, other, management, platforms. MRV, offers, the, industry's, first, console, servers, to, meet, the, demanding, US, Government, FIPS, 140-2, cryptographic, security, standard., With, US, government, approved, agency, testing, , the, LX, Series, software, delivers, the, most, secure, and, richest, set, of, features, , including, , point, and, click, access, to, any, port, , per, port, password, protection, , SSH, v2.0, , SNMP, IP, V6, , RADIUS, , SecurID, , LDAP, , TACACS+, , PPP, PAP/, CHAP, , PPP, dial-back, , user, access, lists, , and, on-board, database., The, Cluster, Control, and, Configuration, features, simplify, configuration, and, control, of, large, networks, without, a, single, point, of, failure.