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Brand: BTI Systems Inc.
Product Code: BT7A54EA
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Price: $375.00
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BTI BT7A54EA, 7200 Common Communication Module Juniper/BTI BTI7200 Packet Optical Transport System, 20 (expandable up to 60). Features: End-to-End Packet Optical Networking: BTI7000 devices offer a common platform across multiple form factors to deliver end-to-end network solutions—from customer premises to metro core—that converge Carrier Ethernet, multiprotocol optical client interfaces, coarse wavelength-division multiplexing (CWDM) and dense wavelengthdivision multiplexing (DWDM), ROADM, and photonic layer modules, all in one platform. • Flexible Shelf Architectures: BTI7000 platforms offer modular utility for service connectivity and infrastructure applications. The any-slot-any-module architecture enables provisioning and deployment of any mix of packet or optical layer modules to address diverse networking requirements and applications in a configuration that best fits your operational model. • Expansion Shelf Architectures for Seamless Scalability: The BTI7200 and BTI7060 support an industry-leading expansion shelf architecture which enables a flexible pay-as-you-grow deployment model that allows capital expenditures to be granularly attuned to service growth. The expansion architecture allows deployment of additional BTI7200 or BTI7060 shelves, providing incremental service slots that are viewed and managed as a single network entity through the main shelf, greatly simplifying operations. • Common Management and Control: The BTI7000 platforms all use the same software, system control processor, and cooling units. Additionally, the proNX software manages the entire Juniper Networks BTI Series Packet Optical Transport Systems and Ethernet Access Device portfolio, delivering a consistent operational model, common software releases, and minimized sparing costs
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