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Brand: Brocade
Product Code: FCX648S-HPOE-ADV
Availability: Out Of Stock
Price: $500.00
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Brocade, FCX648S-HPOE-ADV, Fastiron CX 48-Port 10/100/1000 Ethernet POE Switch General Information Product Name Fastiron CX 48 Port PoE Plus-1GB 2 Port Stack AC P/S Advanced Manufacturer Part Number FCX648S-HPOE-ADV Product Line FastIron Product Series CX Product Model 648S-HPOE Product Type Layer 3 Switch Interfaces/Ports Total Number of Network Ports 48 Stack Port Yes Port / Expansion Slot Details 48 x Gigabit Ethernet Network 4 x Gigabit Ethernet Expansion Slot I/O Expansions Number of Total Expansion Slots 4 Expansion Slot Type SFP Shared SFP Slot Yes Number of SFP Slots 4 Media & Performance Ethernet Technology Gigabit Ethernet Network Technology 10/100/1000Base-T 10GBase-CX4 Network & Communication Layer Supported 3 Power Description Power Source Power Supply Redundant Power Supply Supported Yes Management & Protocols Manageable Yes Physical Characteristics Compatible Rack Unit 1U Form Factor Rack-mountable Height 1.7" Width 17.3" Depth 17.3" Miscellaneous Environmentally Friendly Yes Other Information Product Family FastIron CX PoE (RJ-45) Port Yes Management Port Yes Number of PoE (RJ-45) Ports 48 Number of Stack Ports 2 Input Voltage 110 V AC 220 V AC The Brocade FastIron 648S-HPOE Layer 3 Switch provides new levels of performance, scalability, and flexibility required for today's enterprise campus networks. Advanced (-ADV) model include BGP routing capabilities, enabling remote offices to connect FastIron 648S-HPOE switch to service provider networks. With advanced capabilities, switch deliver performance and intelligence to the network edge in a flexible 1U form factor that helps reduce infrastructure and administrative costs. IronView Network Manager IEEE 802.1p QoS IEEE 802.1q VLAN SNMP v1, v2c, v3 Web Management RMON CLI DHCP Telnet Syslog sFlow Environmental Certification RoHS-6 WEEE Miscellaneous Maximum PoE+ 26 Ports Threat Detection and Mitigation Brocade IronShield 360 security Network Access Control (NAC) Denial of Service (DoS) protection
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