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Brand: Cisco
Product Code: ISR4451-X/K9
Availability: 1
Price: $3,495.00
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Cisco 4451-X Integrated Services Router, ISR4451-X/K9 4451 ISR with 4 onboard GE, 3 NIM slots, 1 ISC slot, 2 SM slots, 8 GB flash memory default, 2 GB DRAM default (data plane), 4 GB DRAM default (control plane) Product Overview The Cisco 4000 Series Integrated Services Routers (ISR) revolutionize WAN communications in the enterprise branch. With new levels of built-in intelligent network capabilities and convergence, the routers specifically address the growing need for application-aware networking in distributed enterprise sites. These locations tend to have lean IT resources. But they often also have a growing need for direct communication with both private data centers and public clouds across diverse links, including Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) VPNs and the Internet. The Cisco 4000 Series contains six platforms: the 4451, 4431, 4351, 4331, 4321 and 4221 ISRs Cisco 4000 Series ISRs provide you with Cisco Intelligent WAN (IWAN) software features and a converged branch infrastructure. Along with superior throughput, these capabilities form the building blocks of next-generation branch-office WAN solutions. Cisco Intelligent WAN (IWAN) Cisco IWAN is a set of intelligent software services that allow you to reliably and securely connect users, devices, and branch office locations across a diverse set of WAN transport links. IWAN-enabled routers like the 4000 Series dynamically route traffic across the “best” link based on up-to-the-minute application and network conditions for great application experiences. You get tight control over application performance, bandwidth usage, data privacy, and availability of your WAN links—control that you need as your branches conduct greater volumes of mission-critical business. Cisco Converged Branch Infrastructure The Cisco 4000 Series ISRs consolidate many must-have IT functions, including network, compute, and storage resources. The high-performance, integrated routers run multiple concurrent IWAN services, including encryption, traffic management, and WAN optimization, without slowing your data throughput. And you can activate new services on demand through a simple licensing change. Expansion / Connectivity Interfaces4 x 10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T - RJ-45 Management: 1 x console - RJ-45 Management: 1 x console - mini-USB Type B Serial: 2 x auxiliary - RJ-45 USB 2.0: 2 x 4 pin USB Type A 4 x SFP (mini-GBIC) Expansion Slots3 (total) / 3 (free) x EHWIC 1 (total) / 1 (free) x PVDM 2 (total) / 1 (free) x CompactFlash 1 (total) / 1 (free) x ISC 2 (total) / 2 (free) x service module (SM) General Device TypeRouter Enclosure TypeDesktop, rack-mountable - modular - 2U Connectivity TechnologyWired Data Link ProtocolEthernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet Network / Transport ProtocolIPSec, PPPoE Remote Management ProtocolSNMP, RMON FeaturesSyslog support Compliant StandardsIEEE 802.3, CISPR 22 Class A, CISPR 24, EN55024, EN55022 Class A, EN50082-1, AS/NZS 60950-1, AS/NZ 3548 Class A, ICES-003 Class A, FCC CFR47 Part 15, EN300-386, UL 60950-1, IEC 60950-1, EN 60950-1, BSMI CNS 13438, CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1, VCCI V-3, EN 61000, EMI, KN22, KN24 47-25683-01, IPMVM00BRB
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Tags: ISR4451-X/K9, Cisco ISR4451-X/K9, ISR4451X/K9, ISR4451-XK9, Cisco, IPMVM00BRB, Cisco, 4451-X, Integrated, Services, Router, , ISR4451-X/K9 4451, ISR, with, 4, onboard, GE, , 3, NIM, slots, , 1, ISC, slot, , 2, SM, slots, , 8, GB, flash, memory, default, , 2, GB, DRAM, default, (data, plane), , 4, GB, DRAM, default, (control, plane) Product, Overview The, Cisco, 4000, Series, Integrated, Services, Routers, (ISR), revolutionize, WAN, communications, in, the, enterprise, branch., With, new, levels, of, built-in, intelligent, network, capabilities, and, convergence, , the, routers, specifically, address, the, growing, need, for, application-aware, networking, in, distributed, enterprise, sites., These, locations, tend, to, have, lean, IT, resources., But, they, often, also, have, a, growing, need, for, direct, communication, with, both, private, data, centers, and, public, clouds, across, diverse, links, , including, Multiprotocol, Label, Switching, (MPLS), VPNs, and, the, Internet. The, Cisco, 4000, Series, contains, six, platforms-, the, 4451, , 4431, , 4351, , 4331, , 4321, and, 4221, ISRs Cisco, 4000, Series, ISRs, provide, you, with, Cisco, Intelligent, WAN, (IWAN), software, features, and, a, converged, branch, infrastructure., Along, with, superior, throughput, , these, capabilities, form, the, building, blocks, of, next-generation, branch-office, WAN, solutions. Cisco, Intelligent, WAN, (IWAN) Cisco, IWAN, is, a, set, of, intelligent, software, services, that, allow, you, to, reliably, and, securely, connect, users, , devices, , and, branch, office, locations, across, a, diverse, set, of, WAN, transport, links., IWAN-enabled, routers, like, the, 4000, Series, dynamically, route, traffic, across, the, “best”, link, based, on, up-to-the-minute, application, and, network, conditions, for, great, application, experiences., You, get, tight, control, over, application, performance, , bandwidth, usage, , data, privacy, , and, availability, of, your, WAN, links—control, that, you, need, as, your, branches, conduct, greater, volumes, of, mission-critical, business. Cisco, Converged, Branch, Infrastructure The, Cisco, 4000, Series, ISRs, consolidate, many, must-have, IT, functions, , including, network, , compute, , and, storage, resources., The, high-performance, , integrated, routers, run, multiple, concurrent, IWAN, services, , including, encryption, , traffic, management, , and, WAN, optimization, , without, slowing, your, data, throughput., And, you, can, activate, new, services, on, demand, through, a, simple, licensing, change. Expansion, /, Connectivity Interfaces4, x, 10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T, -, RJ-45, Management-, 1, x, console, -, RJ-45, Management-, 1, x, console, -, mini-USB, Type, B, Serial-, 2, x, auxiliary, -, RJ-45, USB, 2.0-, 2, x, 4, pin, USB, Type, A, 4, x, SFP, (mini-GBIC) Expansion, Slots3, (total), /, 3, (free), x, EHWIC, 1, (total), /, 1, (free), x, PVDM, 2, (total), /, 1, (free), x, CompactFlash, 1, (total), /, 1, (free), x, ISC, 2, (total), /, 2, (free), x, service, module, (SM) General Device, TypeRouter Enclosure, TypeDesktop, , rack-mountable, -, modular, -, 2U Connectivity, TechnologyWired Data, Link, ProtocolEthernet, , Fast, Ethernet, , Gigabit, Ethernet Network, /, Transport, ProtocolIPSec, , PPPoE Remote, Management, ProtocolSNMP, , RMON FeaturesSyslog, support Compliant, StandardsIEEE, 802.3, , CISPR, 22, Class, A, , CISPR, 24, , EN55024, , EN55022, Class, A, , EN50082-1, , AS/NZS, 60950-1, , AS/NZ, 3548, Class, A, , ICES-003, Class, A, , FCC, CFR47, Part, 15, , EN300-386, , UL, 60950-1, , IEC, 60950-1, , EN, 60950-1, , BSMI, CNS, 13438, , CAN/CSA, C22.2, No., 60950-1, , VCCI, V-3, , EN, 61000, , EMI, , KN22, , KN24 47-25683-01, , IPMVM00BRB