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Brand: Avocent
Product Code: MGP5224SAC
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Price: $195.00
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Avocent-Cyclades MGP5224SAC, 520-540-502 MergePoint 5224 SAC - network management device 24-port SP manager, single AC power Innovative Solution for Service Processor Management The MergePoint 5224/5240 service processor (SP) managers simplify management of servers with SP technologies by consolidating IP connections, user access and server health information. With multiple Ethernet ports, the MergePoint 5224/5240 appliances connect point-to-point with Ethernet-based service processors, such as HP® Integrated Lights-Out (iLO),Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI, versions 1.5 and 2.0), Dell Remote Access Card (DRAC III, 4 and 5), IBM Remote Supervisor Adapter II (RSA II), Sun® Advanced Lights Out Management (ALOM), Sun Integrated Lights Out Management (ILOM), Fujitsu-Siemens integrated Remote Management Card (iRMC) and IBM BladeCenter. By consolidating SP Ethernet ports, the MergePoint 5224/5240 SP managers require only one external IP address and Ethernet switch port for all connected devices, significantly reducing deployment costs associated with SPs. By isolating and protecting the connected SPs from the external production network, the MergePoint 5224/5240 appliances provide secure and efficient rack-level management with seamless integration into the management infrastructure. As part of the MergePoint 5200 series of SP managers, the MergePoint 5224/5240 appliances provide secure Serial over LAN (SoL), power control, hardware monitoring and the new DirectCommand feature, which enables transparent, secure access to the SP’s native interface, along with IPMI provisioning and SP auto discovery. When used in conjunction with DSView 3 management software, the MergePoint 5224/5240 appliances provide essential server coverage, which complements the overall management infrastructure. The MergePoint 5224/5240 appliances allow enterprise-class authentication, authorization and auditing (AAA) security and encryption, and extend this functionality to all servers. Other standard features include data logging, event detection and notification and shared access to management ports. Hardware Specifications CPU: Freescale Power QUICC III @ 633 MHz Memory: 256 MB DDRAM/128 MB compact flash Interfaces: 24/40 x 10/100BT RJ-45 server Ethernet interfaces on RJ-45 1 RS-232 serial console on RJ-45 1 RS-232 serial port on RJ-45 for power manager or external modem 1 10/100/1000BT primary user Ethernet on RJ-45 1 10/100BT secondary user Ethernet on RJ-45 (with failover support for primary interface) Dual 32-bit PC card slots for expansion cards Power: AC Models – Universal AC, single 100–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.4 A max. Operating Temperature: 50°F to 122°F (10° to 50°C) Storage Temperature: –40°F to 185°F (–40°C to 85°C) Humidity: 5% to 90% noncondensing Dimensions: (WxDxH) 17 x 12 x 1.75 in. (43.18 x 30 x 4.45 cm) Weight: 9 lb (4 kg) Enclosure: Steel Supported Hardware: SP support for IPMI 1.5, 2.0; DRAC III, 4, 5; iLO, iLO 2; ALOM, ILOM; iRMC; RSA II, IBM BladeCenter Certifications: FCC Part 15 Class A CE: EN55022 Class A and EN55024 Class A CSA C-Tick ICES-T03 Features Server Management • Physical consolidation of service processors • SoL, power control, hardware monitoring and alerts • SoL with data logging • Event and alert management Service Processor Management • IPMI provisioning • SP auto discovery • Auto discovery and configuration of DHCP enabled SPs • Serial console over LAN • DirectCommand – automatic login to the native SP Web interface • Direct access to remote KVM and Virtual Media from SP • Support for remote KVM and Virtual Media from SP • Granular access control to power, sensors, console, event logs and DirectCommand functions • Ability to create custom SP profiles to interact with unsupported SPs Security • SSHv1 and SSHv2 • Local, RADIUS, TACACS+, LDAP, NIS, Active Directory, SMB and Kerberos authentication • Token-based strong authentication (RSA SecurID®) • Local fallback user authentication (remote failure) • Group authorization from authentication servers • Console data logging • System event logs User Interface • Built-in Web Management Interface (HTTP/HTTPS) • Integration with DSView 3 management software • Configuration wizard for first-time Web users • Standards-based command line interface (SMASH CLP) • SSH commands for device management • NTP for time server synchronization Upgrades • Upgrades available on FTP site • Flash upgradeable • TFTP support for network boot
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Tags: MGP5224SAC, Avocent MGP5224SAC, Avocent, Avocent-Cyclades, MGP5224SAC, , 520-540-502, MergePoint, 5224, SAC, -, network, management, device, 24-port, SP, manager, , single, AC, power Innovative, Solution, for, Service, Processor, Management The, MergePoint, 5224/5240, service, processor, (SP), managers, simplify, management, of, servers, with, SP, technologies, by, consolidating, IP, connections, , user, access, and, server, health, information., With, multiple, Ethernet, ports, , the, MergePoint, 5224/5240, appliances, connect, point-to-point, with, Ethernet-based, service, processors, , such, as, HP®, Integrated, Lights-Out, (iLO), Intelligent, Platform, Management, Interface, (IPMI, , versions, 1.5, and, 2.0), , Dell, Remote, Access, Card, (DRAC, III, , 4, and, 5), , IBM, Remote, Supervisor, Adapter, II, (RSA, II), , Sun®, Advanced, Lights, Out, Management, (ALOM), , Sun, Integrated, Lights, Out, Management, (ILOM), Fujitsu-Siemens, integrated, Remote, Management, Card, (iRMC), and, IBM, BladeCenter. By, consolidating, SP, Ethernet, ports, , the, MergePoint, 5224/5240, SP, managers, require, only, one, external, IP, address, and, Ethernet, switch, port, for, all, connected, devices, , significantly, reducing, deployment, costs, associated, with, SPs., By, isolating, and, protecting, the, connected, SPs, from, the external, production, network, , the, MergePoint, 5224/5240, appliances, provide, secure, and, efficient rack-level, management, with, seamless, integration, into, the, management, infrastructure. As, part, of, the, MergePoint, 5200, series, of, SP, managers, , the, MergePoint, 5224/5240, appliances, provide, secure, Serial, over, LAN, (SoL), , power, control, , hardware, monitoring, and, the, new, DirectCommand, feature, , which, enables, transparent, , secure, access, to, the, SP’s, native, interface, , along, with, IPMI, provisioning, and, SP, auto, discovery., When, used, in, conjunction, with, DSView, 3, management, software, , the, MergePoint, 5224/5240, appliances, provide, essential, server, coverage, which, complements, the, overall, management, infrastructure. The, MergePoint, 5224/5240, appliances, allow, enterprise-class, authentication, , authorization, and, auditing, (AAA), security, and, encryption, , and, extend, this, functionality, to, all, servers., Other, standard, features, include, data, logging, , event, detection, and, notification, and, shared, access, to, management, ports. Hardware, Specifications CPU-, Freescale, Power, QUICC, III, @, 633, MHz Memory-, 256, MB, DDRAM/128, MB, compact, flash Interfaces-, 24/40, x, 10/100BT, RJ-45, server, Ethernet, interfaces, on, RJ-45, 1, RS-232, serial, console, on, RJ-45, 1, RS-232, serial, port, on, RJ-45, for, power, manager, or, external, modem, 1, 10/100/1000BT, primary, user, Ethernet, on, RJ-45, 1, 10/100BT, secondary, user, Ethernet, on, RJ-45, (with, failover, support, for, primary, interface), Dual, 32-bit, PC, card, slots, for, expansion, cards Power- AC, Models, , Universal, AC, , single, 100–240, VAC, , 50/60, Hz, , 1.4, A, max. Operating, Temperature-, 50°F, to, 122°F, (10°, to, 50°C) Storage, Temperature-, –40°F, to, 185°F, (–40°C, to, 85°C) Humidity-, 5%, to, 90%, noncondensing Dimensions- (WxDxH), 17, x, 12, x, 1.75, in., (43.18, x, 30, x, 4.45, cm) Weight-, 9, lb, (4, kg) Enclosure-, Steel Supported, Hardware-, SP, support, for, IPMI, 1.5, , 2.0;, DRAC, III, , 4, , 5;, iLO, , iLO, 2;, ALOM, , ILOM;, iRMC;, RSA, II, , IBM, BladeCenter Certifications-, FCC, Part, 15, Class, A, CE-, EN55022, Class, A, and, EN55024, Class, A, CSA, C-Tick, ICES-T03 Features Server, Management •, Physical, consolidation, of, service, processors •, SoL, , power, control, , hardware, monitoring, and, alerts •, SoL, with, data, logging •, Event, and, alert, management Service, Processor, Management •, IPMI, provisioning •, SP, auto, discovery •, Auto, discovery, and, configuration, of, DHCP, enabled, SPs •, Serial, console, over, LAN •, DirectCommand, , automatic, login, to, the, native, SP, Web, interface •, Direct, access, to, remote, KVM, and, Virtual, Media, from, SP •, Support, for, remote, KVM, and, Virtual, Media, from, SP •, Granular, access, control, to, power, , sensors, , console, , event, logs, and, DirectCommand, functions •, Ability, to, create, custom, SP, profiles, to, interact, with, unsupported, SPs Security •, SSHv1, and, SSHv2 •, Local, , RADIUS, , TACACS+, , LDAP, , NIS, , Active, Directory, , SMB, and, Kerberos, authentication •, Token-based, strong, authentication, (RSA, SecurID®) •, Local, fallback, user, authentication, (remote, failure) •, Group, authorization, from, authentication, servers •, Console, data, logging •, System, event, logs User, Interface •, Built-in, Web, Management, Interface, (HTTP/HTTPS) •, Integration, with, DSView, 3, management, software •, Configuration, wizard, for, first-time, Web, users •, Standards-based, command, line, interface, (SMASH, CLP) •, SSH, commands, for, device, management •, NTP, for, time, server, synchronization Upgrades •, Upgrades, available, on, FTP, site •, Flash, upgradeable •, TFTP, support, for, network, boot