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Brand: Raritan
Product Code: DKX2-832
Availability: 1
Price: $475.00
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Raritan DKX2-832 32-Port Dominion KX II with 8-user Network Access, Standard Local port, Extended Local port, Virtual Media, Dual Power The Raritan Dominion DKX2-832 is a 32 Port KVM Over IP Switch which provides eight remote users and two local user BIOS-level access and control of up to 32 servers. In addition to the standard local port, Dominion KX II-832 features a new extended local port that extends the local port, via Cat5 cable, beyond the rack to a control room, another point in the data center or to a Paragon II switch. Dominion KX II-832 works standalone or with our CommandCenter Secure Gateway centralized management appliance. The KX II-832 offers the industry's highest video resolution - 1600 x 1200. Allows remote installation of software, file transferring and data back up with Universal Virtual Media. And 128-bit SSL AES or RC4 encryption. Offers Absolute Mouse Synchronization and controls power to servers with optional remote power unit. Comes standard with dual power and dual gigabit Ethernet with automatic failover. The Dominion KX II provides dual stack IP networking with simultaneous support of IPv4 and IPv6. Features Virtual KVM Desktop, a common browser-based user interface that supports the industry's widest range of operating systems and browsers. Plus, it includes the industry's first and only browser-based local access. The Dominion KX II solution consists of the KVM-over-IP switch and Computer Interface Modules (CIMs). Note: The D2CIM-VUSB CIM is required for Virtual Media. - CIMs connect to the server's KVM ports and can be located up to 150 feet away from the switch using UTP (Cat5/5e/6) cabling. CIMs also provide keep-alive keyboard/mouse emulation. - Digital video support (DVI-D, HDMI, DisplayPort) for a wide range of dual video cards, PC's, workstations, and servers - CIM options that support simultaneous analog and digital video technologies, eliminates the need for expensive and unreliable adapters - Access from Windows, Linux, Sun or Mac desktops via a wide range of Web browsers or standalone client. - Raritan's remote client software is automatically downloaded via Web browser; standalone multi-platform client available for emergency modem access. - Provides its entire feature set out of the box: Virtual Media, 128- or 256- bit AES or RC4 encryption, dual power supplies and dual gigabit Ethernet ports with failover, SNMP, Syslog, as well as integration with LDAP, Radius and Active Directory authentication. Support of IBM, HP, & Dell blade servers. Raritan DKX2-832 Features: Hardware Features Next generation hardware architecture - Dominion KX II is a next generation switch with an advanced hardware and software architecture. The design enables new levels of KVM-over-IP performance, reliability, usability, compatibility and security. High performance video hardware - Dominion KX II's KVM-over-IP engine uses Raritan's next generation technology, providing users with virtual at-the-rack performance. Next generation features include ultra-fast screen refresh, 1600x1200 remote resolution, advanced color calibration and per server video optimization. Dual power supplies with failover - For increased reliability and redundancy, all Dominion KX II models have dual AC inputs, dual power supplies and automatic failover to support the redundant power distribution used in enterprise data centers. If a power supply fails, the customer will be notified via front panel LED, SNMP TRAP, log message or via the administrative manager. Four USB ports for keyboard, mouse and USB media - The Dominion KX II has four USB 2.0 ports, three on the back panel and one on the front panel, for local keyboard, mouse and USB media. Dual gigabit Ethernet ports with failover - Dominion KX II provides high availability with dual gigabit Ethernet ports for redundancy. Should one Ethernet switch or interface card fail, Dominion KX II will automatically failover to the other port and continue operating. 1U form factor - Dominion KX II models are only 1U in height. Dominion KX II is extremely rack-efficient. Cat5 cabling - Dominion KX II interconnects with each server via standard, economical Cat5 (UTP) cabling. Servers may be located up to 150 cable feet from the Dominion KX II unit. Multiplatform Computer Interface Modules (CIMs) - Dominion KX II supports multiplatform CIMs to connect to PS/2, USB and Sun servers. Dominion CIMs operate at distances of up to 150 feet from the Dominion KX II switch depending on server resolution. Configurable hardware reset button - Dominion KX II contains an administrator-configurable hardware reset button on the back panel. Modem port for emergency access - All Dominion KX II models have an integrated modem port for emergency remote access via external modem if the data network is not available.
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Tags: DKX2-832, Raritan DKX2-832, DKX2832, Raritan, Raritan, DKX2-832, 32-Port, Dominion, KX, II, with, 8-user, Network, Access, Standard, Local, port, , Extended, Local, port, , Virtual, Media, , Dual, Power The, Raritan, Dominion, DKX2-832, is, a, 32, Port, KVM, Over, IP, Switch, which, provides, eight, remote, users, and, two, local, user, BIOS-level, access, and, control, of, up, to, 32, servers., In, addition, to, the, standard, local, port, , Dominion, KX, II-832, features, a, new, extended, local, port, that, extends, the, local, port, , via, Cat5, cable, , beyond, the, rack, to, a, control, room, , another, point, in, the, data, center, or, to, a, Paragon, II, switch., Dominion, KX, II-832, works, standalone, or, with, our, CommandCenter, Secure, Gateway, centralized, management, appliance. The, KX, II-832, offers, the, industry's, highest, video, resolution, -, 1600, x, 1200., Allows, remote, installation, of, software, , file, transferring, and, data, back, up, with, Universal, Virtual, Media., And, 128-bit, SSL, AES, or, RC4, encryption., Offers, Absolute, Mouse, Synchronization, and, controls, power, to, servers, with, optional, remote, power, unit., Comes, standard, with, dual, power, and, dual, gigabit, Ethernet, with, automatic, failover., The, Dominion, KX, II, provides, dual, stack, IP, networking, with, simultaneous, support, of, IPv4, and, IPv6., Features, Virtual, KVM, Desktop, , a, common, browser-based, user, interface, that, supports, the, industry's, widest, range, of, operating, systems, and, browsers., Plus, , it, includes, the, industry's, first, and, only, browser-based, local, access. The, Dominion, KX, II, solution, consists, of, the, KVM-over-IP, switch, and, Computer, Interface, Modules, (CIMs)., Note-, The, D2CIM-VUSB, CIM, is, required, for, Virtual, Media. -, CIMs, connect, to, the, server's, KVM, ports, and, can, be, located, up, to, 150, feet, away, from, the, switch, using, UTP, (Cat5/5e/6), cabling., CIMs, also, provide, keep-alive, keyboard/mouse, emulation. -, Digital, video, support, (DVI-D, , HDMI, , DisplayPort), for, a, wide, range, of, dual, video, cards, , PC's, , workstations, , and, servers -, CIM, options, that, support, simultaneous, analog, and, digital, video, technologies, , eliminates, the, need, for, expensive, and, unreliable, adapters -, Access, from, Windows, , Linux, , Sun, or, Mac, desktops, via, a, wide, range, of, Web, browsers, or, standalone, client. -, Raritan's, remote, client, software, is, automatically, downloaded, via, Web, browser;, standalone, multi-platform, client, available, for, emergency, modem, access. -, Provides, its, entire, feature, set, out, of, the, box-, Virtual, Media, , 128-, or, 256- bit, AES, or, RC4, encryption, , dual, power, supplies, and, dual, gigabit, Ethernet, ports, with, failover, , SNMP, , Syslog, , as, well, as, integration, with, LDAP, , Radius, and, Active, Directory, authentication., Support, of, IBM, , HP, , &, Dell, blade, servers. Raritan, DKX2-832, Features- Hardware, Features Next, generation, hardware, architecture, -, Dominion, KX, II, is, a, next, generation, switch, with, an, advanced, hardware, and, software, architecture., The, design, enables, new, levels, of, KVM-over-IP, performance, , reliability, , usability, , compatibility, and, security. High, performance, video, hardware, -, Dominion, KX, II's, KVM-over-IP, engine, uses, Raritan's, next, generation, technology, , providing, users, with, virtual, at-the-rack, performance., Next, generation, features, include, ultra-fast, screen, refresh, , 1600x1200, remote, resolution, , advanced, color, calibration, and, per, server, video, optimization. Dual, power, supplies, with, failover, -, For, increased, reliability, and, redundancy, , all, Dominion, KX, II, models, have, dual, AC, inputs, , dual, power, supplies, and, automatic, failover, to, support, the, redundant, power, distribution, used, in, enterprise, data, centers., If, a, power, supply, fails, , the, customer, will, be, notified, via, front, panel, LED, , SNMP, TRAP, , log, message, or, via, the, administrative, manager. Four, USB, ports, for, keyboard, , mouse, and, USB, media, -, The, Dominion, KX, II, has, four, USB, 2.0, ports, , three, on, the, back, panel, and, one, on, the, front, panel, , for, local, keyboard, , mouse, and, USB, media. Dual, gigabit, Ethernet, ports, with, failover, -, Dominion, KX, II, provides, high, availability, with, dual, gigabit, Ethernet, ports, for, redundancy., Should, one, Ethernet, switch, or, interface, card, fail, , Dominion, KX, II, will, automatically, failover, to, the, other, port, and, continue, operating. 1U, form, factor, -, Dominion, KX, II, models, are, only, 1U, in, height., Dominion, KX, II, is, extremely, rack-efficient. Cat5, cabling, -, Dominion, KX, II, interconnects, with, each, server, via, standard, , economical, Cat5, (UTP), cabling., Servers, may, be, located, up, to, 150, cable, feet, from, the, Dominion, KX, II, unit. Multiplatform, Computer, Interface, Modules, (CIMs), -, Dominion, KX, II, supports, multiplatform, CIMs, to, connect, to, PS/2, , USB, and, Sun, servers., Dominion, CIMs, operate, at, distances, of, up, to, 150, feet, from, the, Dominion, KX, II, switch, depending, on, server, resolution. Configurable, hardware, reset, button, -, Dominion, KX, II, contains, an, administrator-configurable, hardware, reset, button, on, the, back, panel. Modem, port, for, emergency, access, -, All, Dominion, KX, II, models, have, an, integrated, modem, port, for, emergency, remote, access, via, external, modem, if, the, data, network, is, not, available.