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Brand: Acme Packet
Product Code: 002-0618-58
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Acme Packet ETC NIU, 002-0618-58, NGI7AZDSAA Enhanced Traffic Control Networking Interface Unit version 1 for Net-Net 4500. Oracle PN: 7107433 The ETC NIU contains one Cavium hardware chip that provides encryption/decryption. In order to support 10,000 concurrent sessions and overcome the 1 GB bandwidth limitation per port, a major design goal is to split the traffic between any 2 ports on ingress and remaining 2 ports on egress. Upon reaching 10,000 concurrent sessions limit, subsequent calls will be rejected. Enhanced Traffic Control NIU The Net-Net 4500 Enhanced Traffic Control (ETC) NIU offers a unique and highly-advanced design, with enhanced capabilities that address a wide range of next-generation services and applications. The ETC NIU is a high performance multi-processor engine that combines multiple hardware-accelerated functions including: • High-capacity SRTP encryption • High-capacity termination for SIP-TLS • Separate, dedicated processors for high capacity IPsec encryption and TCP termination • Integrated hardware for QoS monitoring and reporting The extensible multi-core, multiprocessor architecture of the ETC NIU is capable of supporting additional applications and functions as new requirements emerge.
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