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Brand: Fortinet
Product Code: FG-200D
Availability: Out Of Stock
Price: $495.00
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Fortinet FORTIGATE-200D, FG-200D 18x GE RJ45 (including 16x LAN ports, 2x WAN ports), 2x GE SFP DMZ ports, SPU NP4Lite and CP8 hardware accelerated, 64 GB onboard SSD storage.
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Tags: FG-200D, Fortinet FG-200D, FG200D, Fortinet, Fortinet, FORTIGATE-200D, , FG-200D, 18x, GE, RJ45, (including, 16x, LAN, ports, , 2x, WAN, ports), , 2x, GE, SFP, DMZ, ports, , SPU, NP4Lite, and, CP8, hardware, accelerated, , 64, GB, onboard, SSD, storage., The, FortiGate-200D, series, of, network, security, platforms, deliver, fully, integrated, Next-Generation, Firewall, (NGFW), capabilities, for, midsize, distributed, enterprise, businesses, and, branch, offices., Featuring, accelerated, throughput, , network, security, applications, , and, advanced, threat, protection, , the, FortiGate-200D, series, provides, secure, protection, across, your, enterprise. The, FortiGate-200D, series, delivers, high-speed, security, and, performance, for, campus, perimeter, and, branch, office, wired, or, wireless, networks., Purpose-built, processors, provide, up, to, 4, Gbps, firewall, throughput, , enabling, protection, of, your, applications, and, network, without, affecting, availability, or, performance. The, FortiGate-200D, series, provides, comprehensive, threat, protection, with, Fortinet’s, unmatched, range, of, enterprise-grade, security, technologies., They, deliver, firewall, , VPN, (IPSec, and, SSL), , intrusion, prevention, , antivirus/antispyware, , antispam, , and, web, filtering, technologies., These, platforms, also, provides, application, control, , data, loss, prevention, , dynamic, routing, for, IPv4, and, IPv6, , endpoint, NAC, , and, SSL-encrypted, traffic, inspection., These, comprehensive, security, components, enable, you, to, deploy, required, technologies, most, suited, for, your, unique, environment. Powerful, , Secure, , Easy, to, Install FortiASIC, purpose-built, processors, ensure, that, your, security, countermeasures, will, not, become, a, network, bottleneck., The, FortiASIC, CP8, processor, delivers, deep, inspection, security, components, such, as, application, control, , IPS, and, anti-malware., The, FortiASIC, NP4Lite, processor, delivers, firewall, and, VPN, throughput, at, switching, speeds, by, performing, high-speed, processing, of, network, flows. The, FortiGate-200D, series, installs, in, minutes, , automatically, downloading, regular, updates, to, protect, against, the, latest, viruses, , network, vulnerabilities, , worms, , spam, and, phishing, attacks, , and, malicious, websites, with, no, administrator, intervention., Leveraging, patented, FortiASIC, acceleration, , the, FortiGate-200D, series, offers, marketleading, performance, , with, high-density, GbE, interfaces, that, facilitate, network, growth, and, expansion., Onboard, storage, provide, local, archiving, of, data, for, policy, compliance, and/or, web, caching.