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Brand: IBM
Product Code: G8264
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IBM Rack Switch G8264, BAF-00044-00 The feature-rich IBM RackSwitch G8264 includes 48 x SFP+ 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) ports plus 4 x QSFP+ 40 GbE ports in a flexible 1U switch. The SFP+ ports support SFP 1 GbE if needed, while the four QSFP+ ports can add up to 16 additional SFP+ ports via breakout cables. Redundant power supplies and cooling fans come standard, adding to the reliability and efficiency. In addition the G8264 supports stacking for up to eight switches for simplified switch management using a single IP management address. Key features The RackSwitch G8264 is considered particularly suited for the following environments: The G8264 supports several types of configurations: 1 GbE, 10 GbE, 40 GbE, vNIC, Converged Enhanced Ethernet (CEE/DCB), NAS, and iSCSI. The G8264 with SFP+ technology is the ideal solution for clients who want low latency and low power consumption. The G8264 supports stacking for up to eight switches by using a single switch image and configuration file that shares one IP address and one management interface for simplified management. The G8264 supports Data Center Bridging (DCB), the group of protocols from IEEE that provide lossless Ethernet and with which clients can reduce the costs of implementing the following features: NAS or iSCSI convergence and priority-based flow control FCoE by aggregating switch ports before connecting to more costly upstream Fibre Channel gateway devices - The G8264 can be configured in easy connect mode to allow for transparent and simple connectivity to the upstream network, which enables easy connectivity to upstream Cisco, Juniper, or other networks without changing those networks. -On-switch VMready® software that reduces the complexity of managing virtual machines (VMs) in the network. - The G8264 is SDN ready with its OpenFlow support. With OpenFlow, you can easily create usercontrolled virtual networks, optimize performance dynamically, and minimize complexity when it is used with an OpenFlow controller. - The G8264 plays a vital role with Virtual Fabric, which reduces costs and complexity in environments in which four or more NICs are needed per server. An example is virtualization, where clients often need up to eight NICs per server.
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Tags: G8264, IBM G8264, IBM, IBM, Rack, Switch, G8264, , BAF-00044-00, The, feature-rich, IBM, RackSwitch, G8264, includes, 48, x, SFP+, 10, Gigabit, Ethernet, (GbE), ports, plus, 4, x, QSFP+, 40, GbE, ports, in, a, flexible, 1U, switch., The, SFP+, ports, support, SFP, 1, GbE, if, needed, , while, the, four, QSFP+, ports, can, add, up, to, 16, additional, SFP+, ports, via, breakout, cables., Redundant, power, supplies and, cooling, fans, come, standard, , adding, to, the, reliability, and efficiency., In, addition, the, G8264, supports, stacking, for, up, to eight, switches, for, simplified, switch, management, using, a, single IP, management, address. Key, features The, RackSwitch, G8264, is, considered, particularly, suited, for, the, following, environments- The, G8264, supports, several, types, of, configurations-, 1, GbE, , 10, GbE, , 40, GbE, , vNIC, , Converged, Enhanced, Ethernet, (CEE/DCB), , NAS, , and, iSCSI. The, G8264, with, SFP+, technology, is, the, ideal, solution, for, clients, who, want, low, latency, and, low, power, consumption. The, G8264, supports, stacking, for, up, to, eight, switches, by, using, a, single, switch, image, and, configuration, file, that, shares, one, IP, address, and, one, management, interface, for, simplified, management. The, G8264, supports, Data, Center, Bridging, (DCB), , the, group, of, protocols, from, IEEE, that, provide, lossless, Ethernet, and, with, which, clients, can, reduce, the, costs, of, implementing, the, following, features- NAS, or, iSCSI, convergence, and, priority-based, flow, control FCoE, by, aggregating, switch, ports, before, connecting, to, more, costly, upstream, Fibre, Channel, gateway, devices -, The, G8264, can, be, configured, in, easy, connect, mode, to, allow, for, transparent, and, simple, connectivity, to, the, upstream, network, , which, enables, easy, connectivity, to, upstream, Cisco, , Juniper, , or, other, networks, without, changing, those, networks. -On-switch, VMready®, software, that, reduces, the, complexity, of, managing, virtual, machines, (VMs), in, the, network. -, The, G8264, is, SDN, ready, with, its, OpenFlow, support., With, OpenFlow, , you, can, easily, create, usercontrolled, virtual, networks, , optimize, performance, dynamically, , and, minimize, complexity, when, it, is, used, with, an, OpenFlow, controller. -, The, G8264, plays, a, vital, role, with, Virtual, Fabric, , which, reduces, costs, and, complexity, in, environments, in, which, four, or, more, NICs, are, needed, per, server., An, example, is, virtualization, , where, clients, often, need, up, to, eight, NICs, per, server.