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Brand: Cisco
Product Code: WS-X45-SUP6L-E
Availability: 1
Price: $45.00
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Tags: WS-X45-SUP6L-E, Cisco WS-X45-SUP6L-E, WSX45SUP6LE, Cisco, CISCO, WS-X45-SUP6L-E, E-SERIES, FOR, HIGH, PERFORMANCE, CISCO, CATALYST, 4500, , SUP, ENGINE, , 6L-E, , 2x10GE, OR, 4x1GE, (SFP), CISCO, WS-X45-SUP6L-E, Cisco, Catalyst, 4500, Supervisor, Engine, 6L-E, Feature, Highlights ?, Centralized, 280-Gbps, switching, capacity, with, 225, millions, of, packets, per, second, (Mpps), of, throughput ?, IP, routing, protocols-, EIGRP, , OSPF, , Routing, Information, Protocol, (RIP), , and, RIPv2 ?, BGP, Version, 4, (BGPv4), and, Multicast, Border, Gateway, Protocol, (MBGP) ?, Virtual, Route, Forwarding-Lite, (VRF-Lite) ?, IPv6, support, in, hardware, , providing, line-rate, forwarding, for, IPv6, packets ?, Flexibility, to, operate, at, 6, or, 24, Gbps, per, line-card, slot ?, Ability, to, mix, and, match, 6-Gbps, classic, and, 24-Gbps, E-Series, line, cards, with, no, performance, degradation ?, Dual, 10, Gigabit, Ethernet, uplinks, (X2, optics) ?, Cisco, TwinGig, Converter, Modules, that, enable, flexibility, for, up, to, four, Gigabit, Ethernet, (Small, Form-Factor, Pluggable, [SFP]), uplinks, in, the, X2, optic, slots ?, Low, latency ?, Hardware, forwarding, entries-, 57, 000 ?, Dynamic, hardware, forwarding, table, allocations, for, ease, of, IPv4-to-IPv6, migration ?, Quality-of-service, (QoS), services, hardware, entries-, 16, 000, per, direction ?, Advanced, QoS, support, with, up, to, eight, queues, per, port, , dynamic, queue, sizing, , and, hierarchical, policing, to, provide, flexibility, and, control ?, Security, services, entries-, 16, 000, per, direction ?, Support, for, the, following, software, packages-, LAN, Base, , IP, Base, , and, Enterprise, Services, (Enterprise, Services, support, introduced, with, Cisco, IOS, Software, Release, 12.2(53)SG2) The, Supervisor, Engine, 6L-E, delivers, 24, Gbps, per, slot, of, switching, capacity, when, deployed, with, the, E-Series, line, cards, in, a, Cisco, Catalyst, 4500, E-Series, chassis., You, can, mix, and, match, classic, line, cards, and, E-Series, line, cards, within, a, Cisco, Catalyst, 4500, E-Series, chassis, with, no, performance, degradation., When, you, deploy, the, Cisco, Catalyst, Supervisor, Engine, 6L-E, with, classic, line, cards, , all, of, the, new, features, except, the, 24-Gbps, per-slot, switching, capacity, are, inherited., The, Cisco, Catalyst, 4500, Supervisor, Engine, 6L-E, is, also, compatible, with, classic, Cisco, Catalyst, 4500, line, cards, , chassis, (3-, , 6-, , and, 7-slot), , and, power, supplies, , providing, full, investment, protection. The, Cisco, Catalyst, Supervisor, Engine, 6L-E, also, provides, flexibility, and, an, easy, migration, path, to, 10, Gigabit, Ethernet, uplinks, with, dual-purpose, X2, slots, that, can, accommodate, wire-speed, 10, Gigabit, Ethernet, optics, or, Cisco, TwinGig, Converter, Modules, , enabling, Gigabit, Ethernet, SFP, optics. The, Cisco, TwinGig, Converter, Module, , which, ships, standard, with, the, Supervisor, Engine, 6L-E, (unless, you, order, 10, Gigabit, Ethernet, optics, on, the, configuration, tool), , converts, a, single, 10, Gigabit, Ethernet, X2, interface, into, two, Gigabit, Ethernet, port, slots, that, can, be, populated, with, appropriate, SFP, optics, , providing, a, total, of, four, Gigabit, Ethernet, uplinks, if, used, in, both, X2, interface, slots., With, the, flexibility, offered, by, the, Cisco, TwinGig, Converter, Module, , you, can, initially, use, the, gigabit, uplinks, , and, then, , as, your, business, demands, change, , you, can, simply, remove, the, Cisco, TwinGig, Converter, Module, and, insert, 10, Gigabit, Ethernet, X2, optics, to, provide, full, line-rate, 10, Gigabit, Ethernet, uplinks., The, ability, to, support, both, Gigabit, Ethernet, uplinks, and, 10, Gigabit, Ethernet, uplinks, on, a, single, supervisor, engine, further, demonstrates, the, flexibility, and, the, investment, protection, of, the, Cisco, Catalyst, 4500, Series. The, capabilities, and, investment, protection, provided, by, the, Supervisor, Engine, 6L-E, facilitate, not, only, adequate, scalability, for, today's, network, access, requirements, but, also, investment, protection, of, your, network, components, by, providing, significant, software, functions, for, future, deployments. Predictable, Performance, and, Scalability The, Supervisor, Engine, 6L-E, provides, a, fourfold, increase, in, per-slot, switching, capacity, from, previous-generation, Basic, Layer, 3, Cisco, Catalyst, 4500, supervisor, engines-, from, 6, to, 24, Gbps, per, slot., Table, 1, highlights, the, performance, and, scalability, enhancements, of, the, Cisco, Catalyst, 4500, Supervisor, Engine, 6L-E.