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Brand: Cisco
Product Code: ASA5585-S60P60
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Price: $11,980.00
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Cisco ASA5585-S60P60 (!!LICENSE KEY EXPIRED!!) ASA 5585-X Chassis w/ SSP60, IPS SSP-60, 12GE, 8 SFP+(2x cards) , 2 AC power supplies. This unit comes installed with the following: 2x Cisco ASA5585-SSP-ISP60 IPS Security Services Processor, both of these cards come equipped with dual processors, 48 Gigabytes of RAM, 6x GigaEthernet ports, and 4x SFP ports, and 2x open SATA hard drive slots. One of the Cards comes installed with 2x LCPX5110 daughter cards. 2x Cisco ASA5585-PWR-AC 1200W AC power supplies The ASA 5585-X SSP-60 provides firewall and VPN support, and 10 interfaces (four SFP/SFP+ and six copper Gigabit Ethernet). The SSP-60 ships with two power supply modules; however, the SSP-60 can function with only one power supply module. Although the SSP-60 with an additional SSP can also operate with only one power supply module, we recommend that you install two power supply modules for extended reliability since the power supply modules operate in load-sharing mode. If one fails in this configuration, the other power supply module can still handle the full load until the failed power supply module is replaced. The SSP-60 has two CPUs, 12 DIMM modules, four embedded crypto-accelerators, and two dual-port 10-GB uplinks for the SFP/SFP+ interfaces.
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