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Brand: Arista
Product Code: DCS-7124SX-R
Availability: 2
Price: $895.00
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Arista DCS-7124SX-R 7124SX, 24-port L2/L3 switch, rear-to-front airflow with 4 fans and 2 AC 460W power supplies Overview The Arista 7124SX switch is a high performance, ultra-low latency layer 2/3/4 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch. Offered with 24 1/10GbE ports in a compact and power efficient 1RU chassis, the Arista 7124SX forwards packets in less than 500 nanoseconds. All ports accommodate the full range of 10GbE SFP+ and GbE SFP options, allowing for maximum flexibility and investment protection as customers of all sizes migrate their server connections from Gigabit to 10 Gigabit Ethernet. With Arista EOS, advanced monitoring and provisioning capabilities such as Latency Analyzer, Zero Touch Provisioning, VM Tracer and Linux based tools can be run natively on the switch. A built in SSD is available for advanced logging, data captures and various services that can now be run from the switch. Ultra-low, Consistent Latency The 7124SX offers industry-leading sub-500 nanoseconds forwarding latency for both unicast and multicast traffic. The latency characteristics do not change with varying packet size, enabling L3, ACL or mirroring functionality. Arista EOS All Arista products including the 7124SX switch run Arista EOS software. The same binary image supports all Arista products, making it easy for network administrators to standardize the operating system across all switches in the data center. Arista EOS is a modular switch operating system with a unique state sharing architecture that cleanly separates switch state from protocol processing and application logic. Built on top of a standard Linux kernel, all EOS processes run in their own protected memory space and exchange state through an in-memory database. This multi-process state sharing architecture provides the foundation for in-service-software updates and self-healing resiliency. Several Linux based tools can be run directly on the switch, running on a powerful dual-core x86 CPU subsystem. Latency Analyzer (LANZ) with Built-in Storage The 7124SX offers advanced capabilities for latency analysis in a network. Congestion points can be identified and tracked over time. A built-in 50GB SSD is available as an option from the factory. The integrated storage allows for a whole new family of applications that can be run from the network itself. This includes having the switch be a PXE boot server, store syslogs for audit and compliance right on the switch, logging latency trends per queue, capturing and saving data packets via tcpdump and Linux based services such as DHCP and Precision Time Protocol (PTP).
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