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Brand: Arista
Product Code: DCS-7500R-36Q-LC
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Price: $15,000.00
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Arista DCS-7500R-36Q-LC, 7500R Series 36 port 40GbE QSFP+ (6 port 100GbE) wirespeed line card ASASY-01833-05 The Arista 7500R 36 port QSFP+ line card allows for a wide range of flexibility in a mixed 10G/40G environment. All QSFP+ ports can operate as either a single 40Gb Ethernet port. Additional interface flexibility is possible, with ARISTA WHITE PAPER ARISTA 7500 SERIES INTERFACE FLEXIBILITY 7 up to 24 ports able to support 4x10G mode and 6 ports of 1x100G mode. These interface speed choices allow for simple migration from 10G to 100G and a wide range of possible combinations: • 36 ports of 40G at wire speed • Up to 96 ports of 10G • 6 QSFP100 ports allow up to 6 ports of 100G, 24 ports of 25G or 12 ports of 50G • Any to any - Non-blocking performance • Ultra-deep buffering of 200MB+ per 40G port • 1.4Bpps of Layer2 & Layer3 line rate forwarding • 1.8 Tbps of fabric capacity for zero performance degradation with loss of fabric • VoQ architecture to ensure traffic delivery with no head of line blocking • Low latency 4usec port to port across modules • QSFP+ ports leverage broad range of optics º 36 x 40G-SR4, XSR4, LR4, LRL4, PLR4, PLRL4, ER4, UNIV, SRBD, AOC or CR4 º 24 40G ports can function as 4 x 10G-SR, SRL, LR, LRL or CR º 6 100G ports can function as 1 x 100G-SR4, LR4, LRL4, CWDM4, PSM4, AOC or CR4 • Simple software command to switch between 1x40G, 1x100G, 2x50G, 4x25G or 4x10G This line card is best used when a datacenter requires high-density 10G and/or 40G connectivity with 100G connections to other spine systems with a broad range of flexibility.
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Tags: DCS-7500R-36Q-LC, Arista DCS-7500R-36Q-LC, DCS7500R36QLC, Arista, Arista, DCS-7500R-36Q-LC, , 7500R, Series, 36, port, 40GbE, QSFP+, (6, port, 100GbE), wirespeed, line, card ASASY-01833-05, The, Arista, 7500R, 36, port, QSFP+, line, card, allows, for, a, wide, range, of, flexibility, in, a, mixed, 10G/40G, environment., All, QSFP+, ports can, operate, as, either, a, single, 40Gb, Ethernet, port., Additional, interface, flexibility, is, possible, , with, ARISTA, WHITE, PAPER, ARISTA, 7500 SERIES, INTERFACE, FLEXIBILITY, 7, up, to, 24, ports, able, to, support, 4x10G, mode, and, 6, ports, of, 1x100G, mode., These, interface, speed choices, allow, for, simple, migration, from, 10G, to, 100G, and, a, wide, range, of, possible, combinations- •, 36, ports, of, 40G, at, wire, speed •, Up, to, 96, ports, of, 10G •, 6, QSFP100, ports, allow, up, to, 6, ports, of, 100G, , 24, ports, of, 25G, or, 12, ports, of, 50G •, Any, to, any, -, Non-blocking, performance •, Ultra-deep, buffering, of, 200MB+, per, 40G, port •, 1.4Bpps, of, Layer2, &, Layer3, line, rate, forwarding •, 1.8, Tbps, of, fabric, capacity, for, zero, performance, degradation, with, loss, of, fabric •, VoQ, architecture, to, ensure, traffic, delivery, with, no, head, of, line, blocking •, Low, latency, 4usec, port, to, port, across, modules •, QSFP+, ports, leverage, broad, range, of, optics º, 36, x, 40G-SR4, , XSR4, , LR4, , LRL4, , PLR4, , PLRL4, , ER4, , UNIV, , SRBD, , AOC, or, CR4 º, 24, 40G, ports, can, function, as, 4, x, 10G-SR, , SRL, , LR, , LRL, or, CR º, 6, 100G, ports, can, function, as, 1, x, 100G-SR4, , LR4, , LRL4, , CWDM4, , PSM4, , AOC, or, CR4 •, Simple, software, command, to, switch, between, 1x40G, , 1x100G, , 2x50G, , 4x25G, or, 4x10G This, line, card, is, best, used, when, a, datacenter, requires, high-density, 10G, and/or, 40G, connectivity, with, 100G, connections, to, other spine, systems, with, a, broad, range, of, flexibility.