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Brand: HP
Product Code: QK712B
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HP QK712B, SN8000B, HP-DCX8514-A-0001, HSTNM-N034, 80-1006696-01 4-Slot SAN Director Switch. This Director Swicth comes with 2x Director core switch CR16-4 blade, The CR16-4 blade contains the ASICs for switching between port blades. Every port blade connects to each core switch blade. There SN8000B 4-Slot SAN Director core switch CR16-4 blade can be up to 192 16 Gb/s (256 8 Gb/s) total ports for port blades. Each core switch blade connects to 128 backplane ports. Core switch blades have additional front port connectivity to connect multiple chassis and backplane connections for the storage server blade. This blade is compatible with the SN8000B 4-Slot SAN Director only. 2x 48-port 16-Gb/s Director blade FC16-48, A 48-port Director blade supporting 4, 8, 10, or 16 Gb/s port speeds. The blade also supports port-based in-flight 48-port 16-Gb/s Director blade FC16-48 encryption/decryption and compression/decompression. This Director blade is compatible with the SN8000B 4-Slot SAN Director and SN8000B 8-Slot SAN Director. 2x SN8000B 4-Slot SAN Director CP blade CP8, The CP8 blade provides for management of all other blades in the Director. There are two CP8 blades for redundancy. This CP blade SN8000B 4-Slot SAN Director CP blade CP8 is compatible with the SN8000B 8-Slot SAN Director, SN8000B 4-Slot SAN Director, DC SAN Backbone Director, and DC04 SAN Director. 96x HP QK724A 16Gb SW B-series SFP+ 2x AC Power supplies. 2x Fan trays
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Tags: QK712B, HP QK712B, HP, HP, QK712B, , SN8000B, , HP-DCX8514-A-0001, , HSTNM-N034, , 80-1006696-01, 4-Slot, SAN, Director, Switch., This, Director, Swicth, comes, with, 2x, Director, core, switch, CR16-4, blade, , The, CR16-4, blade, contains, the, ASICs, for, switching, between, port, blades., Every, port, blade, connects, to, each, core, switch, blade., There, SN8000B, 4-Slot, SAN, Director, core, switch, CR16-4 blade, can, be, up, to, 192, 16, Gb/s, (256, 8, Gb/s), total, ports, for, port blades., Each, core, switch, blade, connects, to, 128, backplane, ports. Core, switch, blades, have, additional, front, port, connectivity, to connect, multiple, chassis, and, backplane, connections, for, the, storage server, blade., This, blade, is, compatible, with, the, SN8000B, 4-Slot SAN, Director, only. 2x, 48-port, 16-Gb/s, Director, blade, FC16-48, , A, 48-port, Director, blade, supporting, 4, , 8, , 10, , or, 16, Gb/s, port, speeds., The, blade, also, supports, port-based, in-flight, 48-port, 16-Gb/s, Director, blade, FC16-48, encryption/decryption, and, compression/decompression., This, Director, blade, is, compatible, with, the, SN8000B, 4-Slot, SAN, Director, and, SN8000B, 8-Slot, SAN, Director., 2x, SN8000B, 4-Slot, SAN, Director, CP, blade, CP8, , The, CP8, blade, provides, for, management, of, all, other, blades, in, the, Director., There, are, two, CP8, blades, for, redundancy., This, CP, blade, SN8000B, 4-Slot, SAN, Director, CP, blade, CP8 is, compatible, with, the, SN8000B, 8-Slot, SAN, Director, , SN8000B, 4-Slot, SAN, Director, , DC, SAN, Backbone, Director, , and, DC04, SAN, Director. 96x, HP, QK724A, 16Gb, SW, B-series, SFP+ 2x, AC, Power, supplies. 2x, Fan, trays