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Brand: Blade Networks
Product Code: BAF-00043-00
Availability: 3
Price: $1,250.00
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Blade Networks BAF-00043-00, G8052 44-Port Rack Switch.
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Tags: BAF-00043-00, Blade Networks BAF-00043-00, BAF0004300, Blade Networks, Blade, Networks, BAF-00043-00, , G8052, 48x, Ethernet, 4x, SFP+, Port, 1Gb/10Gb, Network, Switch 1, x, G8052, 48x, Ethernet, 4x, SFP+, Port, 1Gb/10Gb, Network, Switch, 2, x, 450W, Power, Supplies, 3, x, Fan, Modules, 1, x, Fan, Blank, Module Description- The, G8052, RackSwitch, is, a, 1Gb/10Gb, Ethernet, switch, specifically, designed, for, the, data, center, , providing, speed, , intelligence, , and, interoperability, on, a, proven, platform., The, G8052, RackSwitch, offers, 48, Gigabit, Ethernet, ports, and, four, 10, Gigabit, Ethernet, ports, in, a, 1, RU, footprint., Designed, with, top, performance, in, mind, , the, G8052, RackSwitch, provides, line-rate, , high-bandwidth, switching, , filtering, , and, traffic, queuing, without, delaying, data, , and, large, data-center-grade, buffers, to, keep, traffic, moving. Benefits- The, G8052, offers, 48, x, 1GbE, RJ45, ports, and, four, 10GbE, SFP+, ports, in, an, aggregation, switch, with, unmatched, line-rate, Layer, 2/3, performance, at, a, very, attractive, price. Unlike, most, rack, equipment, that, cools, from, side, to, side, , the, G8052, RackSwitch, has, rear-to-front, or, front-to-rear, airflow, , which, allows, for, flexible, mounting, of, the, switch, in, a, server, rack, or, datacom, rack. Hot-swappable, fans, and, power, supplies, make, it, easy, to, replace, units, without, interrupting, switch, operation. Variable, speed, fans, automatically, reduce, power, consumption. For, network, virtualization, , VMready, software, on, the, switch, simplifies, configuration, and, improves, security, in, virtualized, environments., VMready, automatically, detects, VM, movement, and, reconfigures, VM, network, policies, across, VLANs, to, keep, the, network, up, and, running, without, impacting, traffic, or, performance., It, works, with, all, leading, VM, providers, such, as, VMware, , Citrix, Xen, , and, Microsoft. Seamless, , standards-based, integration, into, existing, Cisco, and, other, networks, reduces, down, time, and, learning, curve. Performance- Single-switch, ASIC, design Full, line-rate, performance 176, Gbps, (full, duplex), switching, architecture Low, latency-, 1.7, microseconds Hardware, features- Interfaces 48, 10/100/1000, RJ45, ports 4, 10GbE, SFP+, ports 1, USB, port, for, external, mass, storage, devices 1, fixed, mini-USB, console, port, for, configuration, and, code, changes, via, thumb, drive, , or, boot, from, USB, drive, with, new, code