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Cisco ME-3600X-24FS-M, ME3600X Ethernet Access Switch 24 GE SFP + 2 10GE SFP+, with dual DC power PWR-ME3KX-DC. IPML500KRA Benefits Created for the delivery of today and tomorrow’s access services, the Cisco ME 3600X Series supports existing and next-generation features and technology while remaining operationally simple to deploy and manage. It offers the following key benefits. Powered by the Cisco Carrier Ethernet ASIC Powered by the Cisco Carrier Ethernet ASIC - designed specifically with service providers in mind, the Cisco ME 3600X series delivers essential Carrier Ethernet technologies including: H-QoS, MPLS, and Virtual Private LAN Services (VPLS). This custom and advanced ASIC design provides un-interrupted line rate performance while delivering complex services such as ACL and H-QoS. The Carrier Ethernet ASIC integrates Cisco traffic management innovation to deliver intelligent packet switching and routing operations. MPLS in the Access Layer The Cisco ME 3600X Series extends MPLS into the access layer by allowing service providers to initiate MPLS-based Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPN services from within the access layer. The Cisco ME 3600X Series gives service providers the ability to expand MPLS toward their network edge to gain the advantages of a single unified MPLS control plane across their network. The Cisco ME3600X offers full VPLS support allowing multipoint services definition. For additional flexibility, VPLS can be deployed as a full mesh or with a hierarchy (H-VPLS). “Pay-as-you-Grow” Investment Model The use of licensing to activate features on the Cisco ME 3600X Series allows service providers to customize and schedule their investment in access features for a time when network growth and customer demand justify the investment. Unlike investments in the core and edge, where the physical location of network assets has minimal impact on their accessibility and usage, the ROI on an access element is heavily influenced by its location in the network and proximity to customers. The ability to deploy the Cisco ME 3600X Series and later activate features as demand and growth dictate, with little if any need for service calls, delivers highly measureable investment protection. This allows flexible timing for migrating from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps, deploying MPLS services, and boosting service capacity. Advanced Service-Level Agreements (SLA) Service-aware quality of service (QoS) allows service providers to expand and differentiate their services portfolio with highly advanced and differentiating SLAs. The Hierarchical QoS capabilities of the Cisco ME 3600X Series scale to eight queues per service, three levels of scheduling, and buffer volumes capable of accommodating today’s most demanding wireline and wireless applications. Mobile Timing and Synchronization Services The Cisco ME 3600X Series provides the timing services required in today’s converged access network to support mobile solutions including Radio Access Network (RAN) applications and offers integrated support for Building Integrated Timing Supply (BITS) interface. The Cisco ME 3600X Series also supports synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) with Ethernet Synchronization Messaging Channel (ESMC) and Synchronization Status Messages (SSM) to allow best clock source traceability. Operational Efficiency for Carrier Ethernet Access Deployments The Cisco ME 3600X Series features key enhancements that help service providers simplify and facilitate the management of their networks, for reduced operational costs. With this unique feature set, the Cisco ME 3600X Series can be deployed in a variety of applications including business service with 10 Gigabit Ethernet User Network Interface (UNI) and Ethernet mobile backhaul. These features enhance performance awareness, facilitate troubleshooting, and simplify service turn-up and restoration, ultimately reducing operational cost. “Dying gasp” for power indicators and four external alarm inputs to detect changes in remote sites further help service providers manage the health of network elements. Features Ethernet Services - Ethernet Virtual Connections (EVCs) for: - QinQ - Selective QinQ - Inner and outer VLAN classification - EVC Push and Pop rewrite - EVC local Connect - Layer 2 Protocol Tunneling (L2PT) - Hierarchical VPLS (H-VPLS), Virtual Private LAN Services (VPLS), VPLS Border Gateway Protocol [BGP] Signaling - Virtual Private Wire Service (VPWS), Ethernet over MPLS (EoMPLS), pseudowire redundancy - VPLS over remote Loop Free Alternate (LFA) - Ethernet Data Plane loopback (Terminal and Facility) - IEEE 802.1ad Provider Bridge - IEEE 802.1ad on EFP xconnect Layer 3 Services - Layer 3 Routing - IPv4 Routing (Border Gateway Protocol [BGP], Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System [IS-IS], and Open Shortest Path First [OSPF]), Hot Standby Router Protocol version 1 and 2 (HSRPv1, HRSPv2), Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) - IPv6 Unicast Routing (Border Gateway Protocol [BGP], Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System [IS-IS], and Open Shortest Path First [OSPF]) - OSPF for IPv6 (OPPFv3) - IPv6 Provider Edge (6PE) - IPv6 VPN over MPLS (6VPE) - IPv6 HSRP - RIPNG - VRRPv3 - MPLS - Label Distribution Protocol (LDP), Targeted LDP (T-LDP), Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP), Differentiated Services (DiffServ)-aware traffic engineering, MPLS L3VPN - MPLS Traffic Engineering (including TE-FRR) - MPLS TE on Bundle interfaces (Port Channels) - Carrier Supporting Carrier (CsC) with BGP as CE-PE routing protocol - BGP with label distribution (RFC3107) - Border Gateway Protocol Prefix-Independent Convergence (BGP PIC) Edge for IP and MPLS - Routed Pseudowire - Integrated Routing and Bridging (IRB) - Policy Based Routing (PBR) - Remote Loop Free Alternate (LFA) - Auto-IP - IPSLA - IPSLA TWAMP responder v1.0 and compliant to RFC5357 QoS - Up to 4000 egress queues per system - Class-Based Weighted Fair Queuing (CBWFQ) - Priority Queuing - 2-rate 3-color (2R3C) ingress Policing, Egress Policing (1R2C) for LLQ - Hierarchical Color Aware policing - Ingress and Egress marking (CoS, DSCP, MPLS Experimental Bits) - Egress shaping per port and per queue - Modular QoS CLI (MQC) - 3-level H-QoS - Classification based on inner and outer class of service (CoS) or VLAN ID - Classification based on Ethernet Flow Point (EFP) - Copy inner to outer CoS - WRED - IPV6 QoS - Table Map - QoS on Etherchannels - QoS support with EVC push - QoS IPv4 and IPv6 ACL Multicast - IPv4 Multicast - Protocol Independent Multicast sparse mode (PIM-SM), PIM Source-Specific Multicast (PIM SSM), PIM SSM mapping - Internet Group Management Protocol Versions 1, 2, and 3 (IGMPv1, v2, and v3) - IGMPv1, v2, and v3 snooping on Switchport, EVC interfaces and Pseudowires - PIM Snooping - IPv4 multicast per VRF Lite - Multicast VPN (MVPN) Security - Authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA); TACACS+; Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol; MAC limiting per Ethernet flow point (EFP) or bridge domain; unicast, multicast, and broadcast storm control blocking on any interface or port - Layer 2 ACLs - Layer 3 ACLs for IPv4 and IPv6 - ACL on switchport, EVC and routed interfaces - Mac limit per Bridge Domain or VPLS instance - Control Plane Policing - DHCP Snooping with option 82 - Dynamic Arp Inspection (DAI) - SPAN - 802.1x Authenticator Availability - Resilient Ethernet Protocol (REP) - REP Access gateway Enhancements - ITU-T G.8032 Ethernet Ring Protection Switching - IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) - IEEE 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MST) - Per-VLAN Rapid Spanning Tree (PVRST+) - MPLS TE Fast Reroute (FRR) - Flexlink - BFD for Static, ISIS, OSPF, BGP - BFD over Switched Virtual Interface (SVI) - BFD triggered FRR - BFD multi-hop - 802.3ad Link Aggregation Bundles - MPLS IGP-LDP Synchronization - LACP 1-1 redundancy with Fast Switchover - EoMPLS Link Path Through - Multi-chassis LACP (mLACP)
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Tags: ME-3600X-24FS-M, Cisco ME-3600X-24FS-M, ME3600X24FSM, Cisco, IPML500KRA, Cisco, ME-3600X-24FS-M, , ME3600X, Ethernet, Access, Switch, 24, GE, SFP, +, 2, 10GE, SFP+, , with, dual, AC, power, PWR-ME3KX-AC., IPML500KRA, Benefits Created, for, the, delivery, of, today, and, tomorrow’s, access, services, , the, Cisco, ME, 3600X, Series, supports, existing, and, next-generation, features, and, technology, while, remaining, operationally, simple, to, deploy, and, manage., It, offers, the, following, key, benefits. Powered, by, the, Cisco, Carrier, Ethernet, ASIC Powered, by, the, Cisco, Carrier, Ethernet, ASIC, -, designed, specifically, with, service, providers, in, mind, , the, Cisco, ME, 3600X, series, delivers, essential, Carrier, Ethernet, technologies, including-, H-QoS, , MPLS, , and, Virtual, Private, LAN, Services, (VPLS)., This, custom, and, advanced, ASIC, design, provides, un-interrupted, line, rate, performance, while, delivering, complex, services, such, as, ACL, and, H-QoS., The, Carrier, Ethernet, ASIC, integrates, Cisco, traffic, management, innovation, to, deliver, intelligent, packet, switching, and, routing, operations. MPLS, in, the, Access, Layer The, Cisco, ME, 3600X, Series, extends, MPLS, into, the, access, layer, by, allowing, service, providers, to, initiate, MPLS-based, Layer, 2, and, Layer, 3, VPN, services, from, within, the, access, layer., The, Cisco, ME, 3600X, Series, gives, service, providers, the, ability, to, expand, MPLS, toward, their, network, edge, to, gain, the, advantages, of, a, single, unified, MPLS, control, plane, across, their, network., The, Cisco, ME3600X, offers, full, VPLS, support, allowing, multipoint, services, definition., For, additional, flexibility, , VPLS, can, be, deployed, as, a, full, mesh, or, with, a, hierarchy, (H-VPLS). “Pay-as-you-Grow”, Investment, Model The, use, of, licensing, to, activate, features, on, the, Cisco, ME, 3600X, Series, allows, service, providers, to, customize, and, schedule, their, investment, in, access, features, for, a, time, when, network, growth, and, customer, demand, justify, the, investment., Unlike, investments, in, the, core, and, edge, , where, the, physical, location, of, network, assets, has, minimal, impact, on, their, accessibility, and, usage, , the, ROI, on, an, access, element, is, heavily, influenced, by, its, location, in, the, network, and, proximity, to, customers., The, ability, to, deploy, the, Cisco, ME, 3600X, Series, and, later, activate, features, as, demand, and, growth, dictate, , with, little, if, any, need, for, service, calls, , delivers, highly, measureable, investment, protection., This, allows, flexible, timing, for, migrating, from, 1, Gbps, to, 10, Gbps, , deploying, MPLS, services, , and, boosting, service, capacity. Advanced, Service-Level, Agreements, (SLA) Service-aware, quality, of, service, (QoS), allows, service, providers, to, expand, and, differentiate, their, services, portfolio, with, highly, advanced, and, differentiating, SLAs., The, Hierarchical, QoS, capabilities, of, the, Cisco, ME, 3600X, Series, scale, to, eight, queues, per, service, , three, levels, of, scheduling, , and, buffer, volumes, capable, of, accommodating, today’s, most, demanding, wireline, and, wireless, applications. Mobile, Timing, and, Synchronization, Services The, Cisco, ME, 3600X, Series, provides, the, timing, services, required, in, today’s, converged, access, network, to, support, mobile, solutions, including, Radio, Access, Network, (RAN), applications, and, offers, integrated, support, for, Building, Integrated, Timing, Supply, (BITS), interface., The, Cisco, ME, 3600X, Series, also, supports, synchronous, Ethernet, (SyncE), with, Ethernet, Synchronization, Messaging, Channel, (ESMC), and, Synchronization, Status, Messages, (SSM), to, allow, best, clock, source, traceability. Operational, Efficiency, for, Carrier, Ethernet, Access, Deployments The, Cisco, ME, 3600X, Series, features, key, enhancements, that, help, service, providers, simplify, and, facilitate, the, management, of, their, networks, , for, reduced, operational, costs., With, this, unique, feature, set, , the, Cisco, ME, 3600X, Series, can, be, deployed, in, a, variety, of, applications, including, business, service, with, 10, Gigabit, Ethernet, User, Network, Interface, (UNI), and, Ethernet, mobile, backhaul., These, features, enhance, performance, awareness, , facilitate, troubleshooting, , and, simplify, service, turn-up, and, restoration, , ultimately, reducing, operational, cost., “Dying, gasp”, for, power, indicators, and, four, external, alarm, inputs, to, detect, changes, in, remote, sites, further, help, service, providers, manage, the, health, of, network, elements. Features Ethernet, Services -, Ethernet, Virtual, Connections, (EVCs), for- -, QinQ -, Selective, QinQ -, Inner, and, outer, VLAN, classification -, EVC, Push, and, Pop, rewrite -, EVC, local, Connect -, Layer, 2, Protocol, Tunneling, (L2PT) -, Hierarchical, VPLS, (H-VPLS), , Virtual, Private, LAN, Services, (VPLS), , VPLS, Border, Gateway, Protocol, [BGP], Signaling -, Virtual, Private, Wire, Service, (VPWS), , Ethernet, over, MPLS, (EoMPLS), , pseudowire, redundancy -, VPLS, over, remote, Loop, Free, Alternate, (LFA) -, Ethernet, Data, Plane, loopback, (Terminal, and, Facility) -, IEEE, 802.1ad, Provider, Bridge -, IEEE, 802.1ad, on, EFP, xconnect Layer, 3, Services -, Layer, 3, Routing -, IPv4, Routing, (Border, Gateway, Protocol, [BGP], , Intermediate, System-to-Intermediate, System, [IS-IS], , and, Open, Shortest, Path, First, [OSPF]), , Hot, Standby, Router, Protocol, version, 1, and, 2, (HSRPv1, , HRSPv2), , Virtual, Router, Redundancy, Protocol, (VRRP) -, IPv6, Unicast, Routing, (Border, Gateway, Protocol, [BGP], , Intermediate, System-to-Intermediate, System, [IS-IS], , and, Open, Shortest, Path, First, [OSPF]) -, OSPF, for, IPv6, (OPPFv3) -, IPv6, Provider, Edge, (6PE) -, IPv6, VPN, over, MPLS, (6VPE) -, IPv6, HSRP -, RIPNG -, VRRPv3 -, MPLS -, Label, Distribution, Protocol, (LDP), , Targeted, LDP, (T-LDP), , Resource, Reservation, Protocol, (RSVP), , Differentiated, Services, (DiffServ)-aware, traffic, engineering, , MPLS, L3VPN -, MPLS, Traffic, Engineering, (including, TE-FRR) -, MPLS, TE, on, Bundle, interfaces, (Port, Channels) -, Carrier, Supporting, Carrier, (CsC), with, BGP, as, CE-PE, routing, protocol -, BGP, with, label, distribution, (RFC3107) -, Border, Gateway, Protocol, Prefix-Independent, Convergence, (BGP, PIC), Edge, for, IP, and, MPLS -, Routed, Pseudowire -, Integrated, Routing, and, Bridging, (IRB) -, Policy, Based, Routing, (PBR) -, Remote, Loop, Free, Alternate, (LFA) -, Auto-IP -, IPSLA -, IPSLA, TWAMP, responder, v1.0, and, compliant, to, RFC5357 QoS -, Up, to, 4000, egress, queues, per, system -, Class-Based, Weighted, Fair, Queuing, (CBWFQ) -, Priority, Queuing -, 2-rate, 3-color, (2R3C), ingress, Policing, , Egress, Policing, (1R2C), for, LLQ -, Hierarchical, Color, Aware, policing -, Ingress, and, Egress, marking, (CoS, , DSCP, , MPLS, Experimental, Bits) -, Egress, shaping, per, port, and, per, queue -, Modular, QoS, CLI, (MQC) -, 3-level, H-QoS -, Classification, based, on, inner, and, outer, class, of, service, (CoS), or, VLAN, ID -, Classification, based, on, Ethernet, Flow, Point, (EFP) -, Copy, inner, to, outer, CoS -, WRED -, IPV6, QoS -, Table, Map -, QoS, on, Etherchannels -, QoS, support, with, EVC, push -, QoS, IPv4, and, IPv6, ACL Multicast -, IPv4, Multicast -, Protocol, Independent, Multicast, sparse, mode, (PIM-SM), , PIM, Source-Specific, Multicast, (PIM, SSM), , PIM, SSM, mapping -, Internet, Group, Management, Protocol, Versions, 1, , 2, , and, 3, (IGMPv1, , v2, , and, v3) -, IGMPv1, , v2, , and, v3, snooping, on, Switchport, , EVC, interfaces, and, Pseudowires -, PIM, Snooping -, IPv4, multicast, per, VRF, Lite -, Multicast, VPN, (MVPN) Security -, Authentication, , authorization, and, accounting, (AAA);, TACACS+;, Secure, Shell, (SSH), Protocol;, MAC, limiting, per, Ethernet, flow, point, (EFP), or, bridge, domain;, unicast, , multicast, , and, broadcast, storm, control, blocking, on, any, interface, or, port -, Layer, 2, ACLs -, Layer, 3, ACLs, for, IPv4, and, IPv6 -, ACL, on, switchport, , EVC, and, routed, interfaces -, Mac, limit, per, Bridge, Domain, or, VPLS, instance -, Control, Plane, Policing -, DHCP, Snooping, with, option, 82 -, Dynamic, Arp, Inspection, (DAI) -, SPAN -, 802.1x, Authenticator Availability -, Resilient, Ethernet, Protocol, (REP) -, REP, Access, gateway, Enhancements -, ITU-T, G.8032, Ethernet, Ring, Protection, Switching -, IEEE, 802.1w, Rapid, Spanning, Tree, Protocol, (RSTP) -, IEEE, 802.1s, Multiple, Spanning, Tree, Protocol, (MST) -, Per-VLAN, Rapid, Spanning, Tree, (PVRST+) -, MPLS, TE, Fast, Reroute, (FRR) -, Flexlink -, BFD, for, Static, , ISIS, , OSPF, , BGP -, BFD, over, Switched, Virtual, Interface, (SVI) -, BFD, triggered, FRR -, BFD, multi-hop -, 802.3ad, Link, Aggregation, Bundles -, MPLS, IGP-LDP, Synchronization -, LACP, 1-1, redundancy, with, Fast, Switchover -, EoMPLS, Link, Path, Through -, Multi-chassis, LACP, (mLACP),