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Brand: Lantronix
Product Code: SLC01622N-02
Availability: 3
Price: $295.00
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SLC01622N-02, SLC01622N-03, 080-283-000-R, SLC16: 16 Port, Dual AC Supply Secure Console Manager, RoHS Features Accessibility In-Band (Ethernet) - dual Ethernet ports Out-of-Band (local terminal or modem) Security and Authentication Secure Shell (SSH v1, v2, Public Key) Packet filtering (firewall) Per port user permissions Configurable user rights Remote authentication: LDAP, NIS, RADIUS, Kerberos,TACACS+ Port Access Telnet/SSH to SLC command line Telnet/SSH /raw-TCP direct to IP address and port number Web Telnet /SSH Multiple concurrent Telnet/SSH sessions Simultaneous access on the same port No inadvertent "breaks" – Sun break-safe Customizable multi-level user menus PC card modem access Automatic port-initiated connections to network host or neighboring port Enable terminal login on any device port Data Capture and Notification Port buffering – 256 KB per port Port logging to local files, PC card Ext2 & Fat/Fat32, remote NFS files (simultaneous) Local logging viewable via CIFS System event logs Console event notification (e-mail) Event string recognition (RegExp) Management Front panel keypad/display for network setup Quick setup and configuration web interface (SSL) CLI setup script Command line interface (Telnet, SSH, web telnet/SSH or direct serial) SNMP (MIB II) compatible - v1,v2,v3,custom MIB’s Integrated power management support (SLP) Diagnostics and port status counters Performance monitoring utility Packet generation utility Network trace utility Configuration audit log Local subnet search for other SLCs Additional Protocols Supported DHCP and BOOTP for dynamic IP address assignment NTP for time synchronization FTP, TFTP, SFTP, SCP client for file transfers DNS for text-to-IP address name resolution SSH, SSL, Telnet, TCP & UDP, PPP w/PAP/CHAP, NFS and CIFS for connections in and out of the SLC RIP and RIPv2
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