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Brand: Cisco
Product Code: ACE30-MOD-K9
Availability: 2
Price: $300.00
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CISCO ACE30-MOD-K9, CMUCAACBAA, Application Control Engine 30 Hardware
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Tags: ACE30-MOD-K9, Cisco ACE30-MOD-K9, ACE30MODK9, Cisco, CISCO, ACE30-MOD-K9, , CMUCAACBAA, , Application, Control, Engine, 30, Hardware Product, Overview The, Cisco, ACE30, Application, Control, Engine, Module, belongs, to, the, Cisco, ACE, family, of, application, switches, , which, deliver, availability, , security, , and, consolidation, of, data, center, applications., The, Cisco, ACE, product, family, consists, of, the, Cisco, ACE30, Module, for, the, Cisco, Catalyst, 6500, Series, Switches, and, the, Cisco, 7600, Series, Routers, , Cisco, ACE, 4710, Appliance, , Cisco, Global, Site, Selector, (GSS), Appliance, , and, Cisco, Application, Networking, Manager, (ANM), management, software. The, Cisco, ACE30, allows, enterprises, to, accomplish, these, important, IT, objectives, for, application, delivery- •, Increase, application, availability, and, performance •, Secure, the, data, center, and, applications •, Facilitate, data, center, consolidation, through, the, use, of, fewer, servers, , load, balancers, , and, data, center, firewalls The, Cisco, ACE30, achieves, these, goals, through, a, broad, set, of, intelligent, Layer, 4, load-balancing, and, Layer, 7, content-switching, technologies, that, work, with, IPv4, and, IPv6, traffic, and, are, integrated, with, the, latest, virtualization, and, security, capabilities., It, supports, translation, between, IPv4, and, IPv6, traffic, , enabling, migration, to, IPv6, and, allowing, deployments, in, mixed, networks. The, Cisco, ACE30, provides, flexibility, in, managing, application, traffic, , scaling, up, to, 16, Gbps, in, a, single-slot, module, form, factor, , upgradeable, through, software, licenses, , thus, providing, IT, with, long-term, investment, protection, and, scalability. Additionally, , through, virtualization, and, role-based, access, control, (RBAC), capabilities, , the, Cisco, ACE30, enables, IT, to, provision, and, deliver, a, broad, range, of, applications, from, a, single, Cisco, ACE, module, , bringing, increased, scalability, for, application, provisioning, to, the, data, center., This, capability, helps, streamline, and, reduce, the, cost, of, operations, involved, in, implementing, , scaling, , accelerating, , and, protecting, applications. The, Cisco, ACE30, greatly, improves, server, efficiency, through, highly, flexible, application, traffic, management, and, the, offloading, of, CPU-intensive, tasks, such, as, SSL, encryption, and, decryption, processing, , HTTP, compression, , and, TCP, session, management. The, Cisco, ACE, platform, is, designed, to, serve, as, a, last, line, of, defense, for, servers, and, applications, in, data, centers., An, integrated, firewall, enables, IT, professionals, to, comprehensively, secure, high-value, applications, in, the, data, center, and, facilitates, data, center, consolidation. Chassis Cisco, Catalyst, 6503E, , 6504E, , 6506E, , 6509E, , 6509-V-E, , 6513, , or, 6513E, Switch Supervisor, engine- Cisco, Catalyst, Sup720-3B, , Sup720-3BXL, , Sup720-10G-3C, , Sup720-10G-3CXL, , Sup2T-10G, , or, Sup2T-10G-XL