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Brand: Telco Systems
Product Code: T5C-24F
Availability: 3
Price: $550.00
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TELCO SYSTEMS T5C-24F, The T5C optical Fast Ethernet routing switch provides an optimal solution for mid and long distance intelligent Layer 3 broadband services. Benefits and Features Advanced L3, non-blocking Routing Switch Ultra Compact Size – 1RU height, under 12" depth 24 x 100BaseFX plug-in (SFP) ports plus 4 fiber/copper Gigabitall wire speed Ethernet ports Maximum savings on infrastructure. Use a single fiber instead of two! Unique option for plug-in Fast and Gigabit Ethernet transceivers including: CWDM, Extra Long-Haul (more than 100Km) optics - Bi-Directional, and many more... High level of redundancy with AC or DC Power Supplies Enhanced Security and Maximum Protection with: SNMPv3, 802.1x, SSH, RADIUS Secured Telnet, Advanced Access - Control List (ACL), and many more... IPv4 to IPv6 migration path and awareness Complete Professional Management tools for best control of your network IB and OOB management with standard industey CLI, WEB management via Embedded Java™ and unique Alarms management HPOV and SNMPc integration keys - BiNOSCenter – your EMS platform Unique feature-rich support including: 802.1p 8 priority queues DHCP Relay & Server RMON & Syslog TLS for E-2-E tunneling Port trunking - Rate limiting and Traffic Shaping for efficient bandwidth control, many more... Lowest power consumption in the Industry
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