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Brand: SonicWall
Product Code: NSA-3500
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SONICWALL NSA-3500 Next Generation Unified Threat Management Protection SonicWALL Comprehensive Internet Security for Retail Secure Technology Solutions for Retailers The NSA Series overcomes the limitations of existing security solutions by scanning the entirety of each packet for current internal and external threats in real time. Built on a high-speed multi-core processing platform, the NSA Series enables deep packet inspection without adversely impacting the performance of mission-critical networks and applications. The NSA Series applies next-generation Unified Threat Management (UTM) against a comprehensive array of attacks, combining intrusion prevention, anti-virus and antispyware with the application-level control of SonicWALL Application Firewall. With advanced routing, stateful high-availability and high-speed IPSec and SSL VPN technology, the NSA Series adds security, reliability, functionality and productivity to branch offi ces, central sites and distributed mid-enterprise networks, while minimizing cost and complexity. Logging Yes SNMP Yes Authentication Yes Voice over IP (VoIP) Security Yes Zone Security Yes Single Sign-On Yes Dynamic Routing OSPF, RIP Policy-based Routing Yes Dynamic Bandwidth Management Yes Integrated Wireless Switch & Controller Yes Stateful High Availability Yes WAN/WAN Failover Yes Load Balancing Yes Object-based Management Yes Policy-based NAT Yes Inbound Load Balancing Yes IKEv2 VPN Yes Quality of Service (QoS) Yes SSL Control Yes IPv6 Ready Yes Firewall Overview Application Layer Inspection Full Layer 7 Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall Yes Unlimited File Size Protection Yes Protocols Scanned 50+ ICSA Firewall Certified Yes Security Services Application Firewall Yes Gateway Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Intrusion Prevention Service Yes Enforced Client Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware Yes Content & URL Filtering (CFS) Yes ViewPoint Reporting Yes Anti-Spam (RBL Filtering) Yes Support Services Dynamic Support 8x5 90 Days Dynamic Support 24x7 Yes Firewall General Interfaces 6 Gbe Console Interface Yes USB Ports 2 Management CLI, SSH, GUI, GMS Nodes Supported Unrestricted Included SonicOS Version Enhanced
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