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Product Code: RMC30-HI-XX
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RuggedCom RMC30-HI-XX RMC30 with 88-300VDC or 85-264VAC and no Manufacturing Modifications. The RuggedServer™ RMC30 is an industrially hardened, 2-port Serial-to-Ethernet server that has been specifically designed to operate in electrically harsh and climatically demanding environments. The RMC30 allows you to communicate with virtually any serial device via Ethernet providing simple and reliable network connectivity. The RMC30 is packaged in a compact, galvanized steel enclosure that allows either DIN or panel mounting for efficient use of cabinet space. It has an integrated power supply with a wide range of voltages for worldwide operability. An operating temperature range of -40 to +85°C (-40 to +185°F) without the use of internal cooling fans allows it to be placed in almost any location. The RMC30 is compliant with EMI and environmental standards for utility substations, industrial manufacturing, process and control and intelligent transportation systems applications. The RMC30 offers both an RS232 port and a RS485/422 port simultaneously via a solid screw down terminal block. The 10Base-T Ethernet port supports both auto-negotiation and autocrossover detection and simplifies cabling. Simple and intuitive network based configuration using either the built in Web or Telnet server makes setup a breeze. The RMC30’s superior ruggedized design coupled with the Rugged Operating System™ (ROS®) provides improved system reliability making it ideally suited for creating Ethernet networks for mission critical, real-time, control applications
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