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Product Code: RSG2100-F-RM-24
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Price: $395.00
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RuggedCom RSG2100-F-RM-24 Configured as: RSG2100-F-RM-24-XX-FX01-TX01-TX01-TX01-FG03-XXXXX-TX01-TX01-TX01-TX01 Comes with: 1x 40-00-0043, 12-11-0007 2 x 100FX – Multimode, 1300nm, ST (03) Slot 1 1x 40-00-0048, 12-11-0023 2 x 1000LX SFP – Singlemode, 1310nm, LC, 10km (09) Slot 5 7x 40-11-0115, 12-11-0115-002 2 x 10/100Tx RJ45 PoE (01) Slot 2,3,4,7,8,9,10 1x 24VDC (12-36VDC), screw terminal block (1) The RUGGEDCOM RSG2100 from Siemens is a utility grade, fully managed modular Ethernet switch, featuring 19 total ports, with up to 16 for Fast Ethernet and up to 3 for Gigabit Ethernet. The RSG2100 features 2-port modules for superior flexibility, support for multiple fiber types, and long haul optics, giving it high density port capabilities with cost effective gigabit Ethernet port speeds. Designed to operate reliably in harsh environments, the RSG2100 provides a high level of immunity to electromagnetic interference and heavy electrical surges typical of environments found in utility substations, rail applications, and oil and gas operations. An operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C coupled with hazardous location compliance (Class 1 Division 2), optional conformal coating and a galvanized 1U form factor steel enclosure with industrial grade DIN, panel, or 19” rackmounting options allows the RSG2100 to be placed in almost any location. The RSG2100’s modular flexibility offers 10BaseFL/ 100BaseFX /1000BaseX fiber and 10/100/1000BaseTX and micro-D copper port combinations. Optional front or rear mount connectors make the RSG2100 highly versatile for any application and can support multiple fiber connectors (ST, MTRJ, LC, SC, Micro-D) without loss of port density. The embedded Rugged Operating System (ROS) provides advanced cyber security features and comprehensive networking functions such as Enhanced Rapid Spanning Tree (eRSTP), Port Rate Limiting, and a full array of intelligent functionality for high network availability and manageability. Coupled with ruggedness and durability that is designed in from the onset, the RSG2100 is ideal for creating mission critical, real-time, control applications where high reliability and availability is of paramount importance.
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Tags: RSG2100-F-RM-24, RuggedCom RSG2100-F-RM-24, RSG2100FRM24, RuggedCom, RuggedCom, RSG2100-F-RM-24 Configured, as-, RSG2100-F-RM-24-XX-FX01-TX01-TX01-TX01-FG03-XXXXX-TX01-TX01-TX01-TX01 Comes, with- 1x, 40-00-0043, , 12-11-0007, 2, x, 100FX, , Multimode, , 1300nm, , ST, (03), Slot, 1 1x, 40-00-0048, , 12-11-0023, 2, x, 1000LX, SFP, , Singlemode, , 1310nm, , LC, , 10km, (09), Slot, 5 7x, 40-11-0115, , 12-11-0115-002, 2, x, 10/100Tx, RJ45, PoE, (01), Slot, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10 1x, 24VDC, (12-36VDC), , screw, terminal, block, (1) The, RUGGEDCOM, RSG2100, from, Siemens, is, a, utility, grade, fully, managed, modular, Ethernet, switch, , featuring, 19, total ports, , with, up, to, 16, for, Fast, Ethernet, and, up, to, 3, for, Gigabit Ethernet., The, RSG2100, features, 2-port, modules, for, superior flexibility, , support, for, multiple, fiber, types, , and, long, haul optics, , giving, it, high, density, port, capabilities, with, cost effective, gigabit, Ethernet, port, speeds. Designed, to, operate, reliably, in, harsh, environments, the, RSG2100, provides, a, high, level, of, immunity, to electromagnetic, interference, and, heavy, electrical, surges typical, of, environments, found, in, utility, substations, , rail applications, , and, oil, and, gas, operations., An, operating temperature, range, of, -40°C, to, +85°C, coupled, with hazardous, location, compliance, (Class, 1, Division, 2), , optional conformal, coating, and, a, galvanized, 1U, form, factor, steel enclosure, with, industrial, grade, DIN, , panel, , or, 19”, rackmounting options, allows, the, RSG2100, to, be, placed, in almost, any, location. The, RSG2100’s, modular, flexibility, offers, 10BaseFL/, 100BaseFX /1000BaseX, fiber, and, 10/100/1000BaseTX, and, micro-D copper, port, combinations., Optional, front, or, rear, mount connectors, make, the, RSG2100, highly, versatile, for, any application, and, can, support, multiple, fiber, connectors (ST, , MTRJ, , LC, , SC, , Micro-D), without, loss, of, port, density. The, embedded, Rugged, Operating, System, (ROS), provides advanced, cyber, security, features, and, comprehensive networking, functions, such, as, Enhanced, Rapid, Spanning, Tree (eRSTP), , Port, Rate, Limiting, , and, a, full, array, of, intelligent functionality, for, high, network, availability, and, manageability. Coupled, with, ruggedness, and, durability, that, is, designed, in from, the, onset, , the, RSG2100, is, ideal, for, creating, mission critical, , real-time, , control, applications, where, high, reliability and, availability, is, of, paramount, importance.