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Brand: Cisco
Product Code: EHWIC-1GE-SFP-CU
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Price: $300.00
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Cisco EHWIC-1GE-SFP-CU, CMUIAA8CAA, 800-34350-01 EHWIC 1 port dual mode SFP(100M/1G) or GE(10M/100M/1G) Gigabit Ethernet High-Speed WAN Interface Card The Cisco Gigabit Ethernet dual-identity Enhanced High-speed WAN Interface Card (EHWIC) brings both Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) and copper (RJ-45) Gigabit Ethernet connectivity to Cisco Integrated Services Routers (ISRs) to accelerate applications such as Ethernet WAN access, inter-VLAN routing (IVR), and high speed connectivity to LAN switches. The single-port Cisco Gigabit Ethernet EHWIC provides Gigabit Ethernet optical and copper connectivity in a compact form factor to the Cisco Integrated Service Router Generation 2 (ISR G2). The Gigabit Ethernet EHWIC enables branch offices to cost-effectively use high-speed uplinks in numerous environments. The enhanced performance of Gigabit Ethernet in Cisco ISR G2 routers enables applications and services and provides greater capacity for existing IVR and bridging capabilities. Branch offices can connect to Ethernet WAN (EWAN) Layer 2 and 3 services. Cabling Type: Ethernet 1000Base-T , Ethernet 1000Base-X , Ethernet 100Base-TX , Ethernet 10Base-T Compliant Standards: IEEE 802.1p , IEEE 802.1Q , IEEE 802.2 , IEEE 802.3 , IEEE 802.3ab , IEEE 802.3x , IEEE 802.3z Connectivity Technology: Wired Data Link Protocol: Ethernet , Fast Ethernet , Gigabit Ethernet Data Transfer Rate: 1 Gbps Features: Access Control List (ACL) support , Cisco Gigabit EtherChannel , Committed Access Rate (CAR) , Flow control , Jumbo Frames support , MAC address filtering , Quality of Service (QoS) , VLAN support , Weighted Random Early Detection (WRED) Form Factor: Plug-in module Interface Type: EHWIC Ports Qty: 1 Remote Management Protocol: RMON , SNMP Type: Expansion module Supported Platforms The EHWIC-1GE-SFP-CU interface card supports the following Cisco ISRs: •Cisco 1921 ISR •Cisco 1941 ISR •Cisco 2901 ISR •Cisco 2911 ISR •Cisco 2921 ISR •Cisco 2951 ISR •Cisco 3925 ISR •Cisco 3925E ISR •Cisco 3945 ISR •Cisco 3945E ISR
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Tags: EHWIC-1GE-SFP-CU, Cisco EHWIC-1GE-SFP-CU, EHWIC1GESFPCU, Cisco, CMUIAA8CAA, Cisco, EHWIC-1GE-SFP-CU, , CMUIAA8CAA, , 800-34350-01, EHWIC, 1, port, dual, mode, SFP(100M/1G), or, GE(10M/100M/1G), Gigabit, Ethernet, High-Speed, WAN, Interface, Card The, Cisco, Gigabit, Ethernet, dual-identity, Enhanced, High-speed, WAN, Interface, Card, (EHWIC), brings, both, Small, Form-factor, Pluggable, (SFP), and, copper, (RJ-45), Gigabit, Ethernet, connectivity, to, Cisco, Integrated, Services, Routers, (ISRs), to, accelerate, applications, such, as, Ethernet, WAN, access, , inter-VLAN, routing, (IVR), , and, high, speed, connectivity, to, LAN, switches. The, single-port, Cisco, Gigabit, Ethernet, EHWIC, provides, Gigabit, Ethernet, optical, and, copper, connectivity, in, a, compact, form, factor, to, the, Cisco, Integrated, Service, Router, Generation, 2, (ISR, G2). The, Gigabit, Ethernet, EHWIC, enables, branch, offices, to, cost-effectively, use, high-speed, uplinks, in, numerous, environments., The, enhanced, performance, of, Gigabit, Ethernet, in, Cisco, ISR, G2, routers, enables, applications, and, services, and, provides, greater, capacity, for, existing, IVR, and, bridging, capabilities., Branch, offices, can, connect, to, Ethernet, WAN, (EWAN), Layer, 2, and, 3, services. Cabling, Type- Ethernet, 1000Base-T, , , Ethernet, 1000Base-X, , , Ethernet, 100Base-TX, , , Ethernet, 10Base-T Compliant, Standards- IEEE, 802.1p, , , IEEE, 802.1Q, , , IEEE, 802.2, , , IEEE, 802.3, , , IEEE, 802.3ab, , , IEEE, 802.3x, , , IEEE, 802.3z Connectivity, Technology- Wired Data, Link, Protocol- Ethernet, , , Fast, Ethernet, , , Gigabit, Ethernet Data, Transfer, Rate- 1, Gbps Features- Access, Control, List, (ACL), support, , , Cisco, Gigabit, EtherChannel, , , Committed, Access, Rate, (CAR), , , Flow, control, , , Jumbo, Frames, support, , , MAC, address, filtering, , , Quality, of, Service, (QoS), , , VLAN, support, , , Weighted, Random, Early, Detection, (WRED) Form, Factor- Plug-in, module Interface, Type- EHWIC Ports, Qty- 1 Remote, Management, Protocol- RMON, , , SNMP Type- Expansion, module Supported, Platforms The, EHWIC-1GE-SFP-CU, interface, card, supports, the, following, Cisco, ISRs- •Cisco, 1921, ISR •Cisco, 1941, ISR •Cisco, 2901, ISR •Cisco, 2911, ISR •Cisco, 2921, ISR •Cisco, 2951, ISR •Cisco, 3925, ISR •Cisco, 3925E, ISR •Cisco, 3945, ISR •Cisco, 3945E, ISR