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Brand: Brocade
Product Code: TI-24X-AC
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Price: $440.00
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Brocade TI-24X-AC TurboIron 24X Switch 24 x SFP+ + 4 x 10/100/1000 10 Gigabit Ethernet The TurboIron 24X Switch can support 1 GbE servers until they are upgraded to 10 GbE-capable Network Interface Cards (NICs), simplifying migration to 10 GbE server farms. In addition, the TurboIron 24X can provide 10 GbE aggregation behind 1 GbE access switches. Either way, the TurboIron 24X is designed to save valuable rack space, power, and cooling in the data center while delivering 24/7 service through its high-availability design. TI-24X-AC Brocade TurboIron TI-24X-AC switch The Brocade TI-24X-AC Switch is a compact, high-performance, high-availability, and high-density 10/1 GbE dual-speed solution that meets mission-critical data center top-of-Rack and High-Performance Cluster Computing (HPCC) requirements. An ultra-low-latency, cut-through, non-blocking architecture and low power consumption help provide a cost-effective solution for server or compute-node connectivity. Additional highlights include: -Highly efficient power and cooling with front-to-back airflow, automatic fan speed adjustment, and use of SFP+ and direct attached SFP+ copper (Twinax) -High availability with redundant, load-sharing, hot-swappable, auto-sensing/switching power supplies and triple-fan assembly -End-to-end QoS with hardware-based marking, queuing, and congestion management -Embedded per-port sFlow capabilities to support scalable hardware-based traffic monitoring -Wire-speed performance with an ultra-low-latency, cut-through, non-blocking architecture ideal for HPC, iSCSI storage, real-time application environments
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