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WS-C4900M WS-C4900M WS-C4900M WS-C4900M WS-C4900M WS-C4900M
Brand: Cisco
Product Code: WS-C4900M
Availability: 29
Price: $295.00
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Cisco WS-C4900M 4900M 8-port base system Switch w/ 2x PWR-C49M-1000AC and 1x WS-X4992 Fan Product Overview The Cisco Catalyst 4900M Switch is designed for data center network top-of-rack switching and midmarket collapsed core and aggregation layer deployment. Optimized for ultimate deployment flexibility for the data center, the Cisco Catalyst 4900M can be deployed for 10/100/1000 or 1/10GBASE-T server access with 1:1 uplink-to-downlink oversubscription and environments with a mix of 10/100/1000 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet servers or all 10 Gigabit Ethernet servers. The Cisco Catalyst 4900M is a 320-Gbps, 250-million-packets-per-second (mpps), two-rack-unit (2RU) fixed-configuration switch with eight fixed wire-speed X2 ports on the base unit and two optional half-card slots for deployment flexibility and investment protection. Low latency, scalable buffer memory, and high availability with 1+1 hot-swappable AC or DC power supplies and a field-replaceable fan tray optimize the Cisco Catalyst 4900M for data centers of any size. For the midmarket collapsed core and aggregation layer and in the branch office, the Cisco Catalyst 4900M provides an ideal solution for space-constrained deployments that require high-performance wire-speed services and high availability. With the unique semifixed architecture and support of the Cisco TwinGig Converter Module, the Cisco Catalyst 4900M can be used in a collapsed core and aggregation layer LAN deployment, providing the flexibility to deploy Gigabit Ethernet now and cost-effectively migrate to 10 Gigabit Ethernet as requirements change. The Cisco Catalyst 4900M configuration provides wire-speed connection, buffers to handle bursty traffic, and a comprehensive set of Layer 3 features required at the collapsed core and aggregation layer of the network. The Cisco Catalyst 4900M also supports a suite of ease-of-management features to simplify operations. WS-C4900M CHASSIS with 2x PWR-C49M-1000AC Power supplies Missing 1 Slot cover
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