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OS6450-48 OS6450-48 OS6450-48
Brand: Alcatel-Lucent
Product Code: OS6450-48
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Alcatel-Lucent OS6450-48 903107-90 Gigabit Ethernet chassis in a 1U form factor with 48 10/100/1000 Base-T ports, 2 fixed SFP+ (1G/10G*) ports and one expansion slot for optional stacking or uplink modules. Includes DUAL AC POWER OS6450-48 Promoting a design optimized for flexibility, scalability, and low power consumption, the OmniSwitch 6450 is an outstanding edge solution. It uses the field-proven Alcatel-Lucent Operating System (AOS) to deliver highly available, secure, self-protective, easily managed and eco-friendly networks. The OmniSwitch 6450 family is embedded with the latest technology innovations and offers maximum investment protection. The following types of deployments benefit from the OmniSwitch 6450 family: • Edge of small-to-mid-sized networks • Branch office enterprise and campus workgroups • Residential and commercially managed service applications • Service provider network deployments BENEFITS: • Meets all customer configuration needs and offers excellent investment protection and flexibility with easy deployment, operation, and maintenance • Provides outstanding performance when supporting real-time voice, data, and video applications for converged scalable networks • Ensures efficient power management, reduces operating expenses (OPEX) and lowers total cost of ownership (TCO) through low power consumption and dynamic PoE allocation, which delivers only the power needed by the attached device • Field-upgradeable solution makes the network highly available and reduces OPEX • Fully secures the network at the edge at no additional cost Enterprise-wide cost reduction through hardware consolidation to achieve network segmentation and security without additional hardware installation • Supports cost-effective installation and deployment with automated switch setup and configuration and end-to-end virtual LAN (VLAN) provisioning • Simplifies metro Ethernet network OA&M for service providers
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