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15454-OPT-RAMP-C 15454-OPT-RAMP-C 15454-OPT-RAMP-C
Brand: Cisco
Product Code: 15454-OPT-RAMP-C
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Price: $1,995.00
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Cisco 15454-OPT-RAMP-C WOGUADWEAA ONS 15454 RAMAN PUMP MODULE 15454-OPT-RAMP-C Optical Raman amplifier with embedded EDFA, 500mW total counter-propagating Raman pump power, 17dBm EDFA Output Power, C-band, 80 channel, 50-GHz compatible, LC connectors, midstage access, includes one LC/LC loopback (to be used if DCU is not required) and two 2-meter LC/LC fiber-optic cables not included. The Cisco ONS 15454 Raman optical amplifier card (OPT-RAMP-C) is a plug-in module that takes advantage of the proven Cisco ONS 15454 carrier-class features. This card delivers the reach and optical performances to support a single DWDM channel all the way to 80 channels today, to meet the requirements of service provider and enterprise networks. A Raman amplifier uses intrinsic properties of silica fibers to obtain signal amplification. This means that transmission fibers can be used as a medium for amplification, and hence that the intrinsic attenuation of data signals transmitted over the fiber can be combated within the fiber. An amplifier working on the basis of this principle is commonly known as a distributed Raman amplifier (DRA) or simply Raman amplifier. The OPT-RAMP-C unit not only embeds efficient next-generation pump lasers to generate counter-propagating Raman effect in the span fiber but also a low-noise Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) to optimize the overall Noise Figure of the Node. This product injects counter-propagating optical power to generate Raman effect in the span fiber and features an embedded Erbium Doped Fiber Amplification (EDFA) to help guarantee low noise. It integrates an optical service channel splitter/combiner to allow the optical supervisory channel (OSC) to be sent to and received from the optical service channel module (OSCM) card. It allows insertion of dispersion-management devices (DCUs) to compensate for pulse spreading at higher multiplexer speeds. Deployment locations include any configuration where very long unregenerated spans or low latency is required.
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